Electric Scooter Solar Charger with Solar Panels

Electric Scooter Solar Charger with Solar Panels

554,00 $ 498,00 $


Electric Scooter Solar Charger with Solar Panels

554,00 $ 498,00 $

Charge your e-scooter wherever you are with the brand new electric scooter solar charger. A portable solar charging station made with highly efficient foldable solar panels for easy transportation.
Solar Panels Output: 180 watts

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Always keep the Electric Scooter Solar Charger with you to charge your e-scooter wherever you are. Infact this portable solar charging station is made with highly efficient foldable solar panels to be easy to carry. So wherever you are, simply unfold the solar panels and point them at the sunlight to charge your electric scooter. Depending on the capacity of your battery, it may take 2 to 4 hours to fully charge. However, if you are in a hurry, know that in one hour you can charge more than 60%. Because this is the lightest and most efficient portable solar charger for electric scooters on the market. Besides being a lot convenient to carry, it is also the only universal one. In fact you can charge any type of battery from 24 to 72 volts.
To make our products we use only the best of technology, from Sunpower cells to the MPPT solar controller. And this allows you to adjust the output voltage of the charger according to the battery.

Why Charge Your Electric Scooter with Solar Panels

Charging your electric scooter with solar panels is fast, free and hassle-free. In addition, the solar charger is environmentally friendly by using 100% renewable energy. When in most metropolitan cities, electricity comes from polluting power plants that are extremely harmful to the environment. So using renewable energy is the key to achieving zero emissions. And today full sustainability does not seem far off. In fact, technology evolves day after day and solar panels have become more efficient and costs have decreased. So what are you waiting for to buy a portable solar charger for your electric scooter? You save on electricity bills, you recharge your e-scooter wherever you want and you’re good for the environment. Contact our team for advice.

How Much Electricity is Needed to Charge an Electric Scooter?

Is it possible to charge an electric scooter with solar panels? The answer is yes, of course, you can charge just about any electronic device with solar energy. As long as you have enough solar radiation and a solar charger suitable for your battery capacity. So, to charge your electric scooter with solar energy, you first need to understand how much energy your battery requires. Since the battery capacity of electric scooters varies greatly depending on the motor power. Electric scooters on the market today require 200 Wh to 2000 Wh of electricity. The first and easiest way to know your battery’s capacity is to read the label on the battery. Just multiply the volts by the output amps and you get the capacity expressed in Wh. Now you just have to see how many hours you can charge your vehicle with this Electric Scooter Solar Charger.
This solar charger can output 180 W per hour. So in 6 hours of full sun it theoretically produces 1080 Wh. But to be safe you must always consider some possible cloud and some loss of efficiency. So you can count on an effective solar energy produced of around 800 Wh. More than enough for most electric scooters on the market. But if it doesn’t seem enough, opt for the motorcycle solar charger which is considerably more powerful.

Electric Scooter Solar Charger Technical Specifications

Solar panels: Flexible Sunpower cells
Power: 180 W
Folded size: 690 x 430 x 35 mm (27x17x1.3 inch)
Open size: 1580 x 690 x 30 mm (62x27x1.2 inch)
Weight: 5.8 Kg (12.7 lb)
Battery: recommended for charging 24, 36, 48, 52, 72 volts battery

Portable solar charger for e-scooters

Advantages of Portable Electric Scooter Solar Charger with Foldable Solar Panels

Charge your e-scooter wherever you are with portable and lightweight solar panels
No range limit for your electric scooter with this solar charger
Perfect to charge any kind of electric scooter battery from 24 to 72 volts
Charge your electric scooter in 3 hours
High efficiency SunPower panels with long service life
Easy connectivity with plug and play connectors


Portable solar panels
Solar controller
Practice bag
Connectors and cable set

Ride the Future, Ride an Electric Scooter

Global mobility is turning into electric. Because electricity is not only zero emission mobility, it is also pure adrenaline for high speed lovers. So you can also have fun driving an electric scooter. In fact, after years and years of technical development by the main vehicle manufacturers, today we can ride very high performance electric scooters. An incredible level of performance and refinement unthinkable a few years ago. Above all, the electric motor offers 2 great advantages: unrivaled reliability and impressive acceleration.
Now, let’s move on to the well-known pains of electric vehicles. First, the price. In fact, electric scooters can seem very expensive compared to petrol ones. But the electric motor has no wearing parts and does not require expensive maintenance. Since maintenance only affects tires and brakes. Secondly, the petrol station is a distant memory and the cost of electricity is much lower than that of petrol. And if you use solar panels to charge the battery, the full tank is free.

Our engineers have developed a highly innovative electric scooter solar charger. In fact, it’s as small and easy to carry on any scooter when folded, as it is powerful when unfolded in the sun. And if you are not sure if you are buying the right solar charger, you can contact our staff.


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