Go electric with confidence with Azure Electric Bikes & Coffee Bikes for mobile coffee shop business. From e-bikes for commuting, to powerful electric motorcycles for fun, to solar charging stations, you’ll find it all here. Because Azure is not simply an electric vehicle showroom, but a vision for a new, sustainable way of living.

And to make this change, it is not enough to replace old cars with innovative and less polluting electric vehicles. But changing lifestyle to redefine a new, more ecological and relaxing urban mobility. We have therefore developed a cutting-edge platform focused on both EVs and renewable energies, essential to be truly eco-friendly. So check out our lineup of electric vehicles. We are excited to bring you state-of-the-art electric motorcycles and bikes, at the best possible price.
And if you are looking to start your own business, you can find some interesting ideas here. Just browse our coffee bike catalog to find out how easy it is to start a mobile cafe. But above all, how fun and profitable it is to serve espresso and cappuccino with a solar-powered coffee bike. In fact, the mobile coffee cart was specially designed for young entrepreneurs who love to combine passion and work. But it could also be the right idea for those who already have a cafe and want to expand their business. Because we are the only Coffee Bike Manufacturer that includes all the necessary equipment in the price. So as soon as you receive the mobile coffee cart in your home, you’re ready to serve coffee and more. Experience the difference yourself! Check out our range of Electric Coffee Bikes for Mobile Cafe Business.

Azure Electric Motorcycles

Experience the Impressive Power of Electric Motorcycles for Commuting and Leisure

Pure fun with our electric motorcycles for commuting both on and off-road. So forget the toy electric motorbikes of the last century and choose the model that best suits your style. Because today electric motorcycles are powerful, technologically advanced and give a hard time to petrol motorbikes. And all this with zero emissions and with great savings on operating costs. Just think that if you use our solar charger, you can travel more than 100 Km (62 miles) a day without spending a cent. In fact, with an electric motorbike you fill up with the sun which, in addition to being a renewable energy, is free. So electric motorcycles are the ideal bikes for those who want to be environmentally friendly. But they are also right for those looking for easy handling and sustained performance. As electric motorcycles are pure adrenaline with impressive accelerations.

Discover Our Lineup of Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes for Commuting are bicycles powered by a motor used to assist propulsion. E-bikes give you the freedom to go anywhere without using fossil fuels and reduce traffic congestion. Plus they’re fun. And you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy most of the benefits of cycling without the hassle of sweating. In fact, the electric motor gives you that extra bit of power when going uphill or in a headwind.
Electric Bicycles are enjoying great success in terms of sales and are replacing fossil fuel mopeds for small urban trips. You help the environment, forget about traffic and parking, save a lot of money on gasoline and maintenance. Just choose the model that best suits your needs. If your main use is commuting, you will choose an Elegant Electric City Bike. If you are a lover of adventure, you will opt for a Fat Electric Bike.

Azure Electric Bikes
Azure Mobile Coffee Bikes

Go Green with the Newest Electric Coffee Bikes for Mobile Cafes

Make a difference by running an Electric Coffee Bike, and above all powered by solar panels. In fact, our engineers have developed the most sustainable coffee bikes on the market. Thus our electric coffee bikes are perfect for your mobile coffee shop business. With an electric coffee bike you can reach your customers wherever they are or make every event unique. And everyone will notice you both for the elegance of the mobile cart and for promoting an environmental conscience. Because our Coffee Bikes are ecological, zero emissions, completely self-sufficient, and powered by solar energy.
We know that your success largely depends on the functionality and efficiency of your equipment. So we are here to recommend the right coffee bike for your projects and help you grow your mobile business. Whether you are a small ice cream vendor or work with a large fleet of coffee bikes, we have the right mobile cafe for you!

Start Your Mobile Cafe Business with a Stylish Coffee Cart

Take the opportunity of an ever-growing business, the Mobile Coffee Business. Because another business with low start-up costs and high profit margins like the coffee cart is not that easy to find. And now you can start your own business with the Mobile Coffee Cart even on a tight budget. So forget the poor food cart of the early 1900s and say hello to the all-new coffee bike. We build each of our coffee bikes with extreme attention to quality. Are you looking to start a cafe business or are you looking for a stylish ice cream shop for events? Well, you are in the right place. As we have everything you need to make your dreams come reality. And our staff is ready to customize any mobile cafe to best fit your needs. Because our mission is to help you succeed in your mobile coffee business.

Azure Mobile Coffee Cart
Azure Electric Tuk Tuk for Mobile Coffee Business

Make Your Coffee Business Stand Out with the Electric Tuk Tuk

Running a mobile cafe business with an electric Tuk Tuk can be a fun and exciting venture. Also, a coffee Tuk Tuk besides serving coffee can be used as a real mobile food truck. In fact, with your own Tuk Tuk you can offer any type of drink and food depending on the needs and context. Just choose the electric Tuk Tuk model that best suits your needs. Since the equipment can be customized in every aspect. From the Electric Tuk Tuk equipped with a professional coffee machine to the Mobile Pizza Oven. A real pizzeria, just on wheels, able to reach your customers wherever they are. Because we can install a Made in Italy wood fired pizza oven on your Tuk Tuk.

Start Your Own Bike Taxi Service with the Newest Electric Rickshaws

The new trend among tourists is to experience the beauty of a city by eco rickshaw. Since with an electric rickshaw you can visit all the main attractions of the city. You can also go in the alleys of the historic center that are forbidden to cars and in public parks. In short, rickshaw tours offer a unique perspective of the city, allowing you to explore its most hidden gems. For these reasons, rickshaws pick up speed in major European and American cities. So if they once seemed most at home on the crowded streets of Asian cities, now they can be found everywhere. From the old 3-wheel bikes in vogue in Delhi and Bangkok we have moved on to comfortable and ecological electric rickshaws. And these innovative electric bikes now ferry people across the city of Miami, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and more.

Azure Electric Rickshaw Bike
Solar Bikeport for Charging Electric Bikes

Rethinking Commuting with the Spread of Electric Vehicles and Solar BikePorts

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular all over the world and we are trying to get ahead of the times. So we are also developing street furniture and accessories related to electric mobility. Among them stands out Azure Solar Bikeport, a combination of solar canopy and bike rack. Furthermore the Solar Bikeport is a true plug and play solution and requires no trained personnel to install. Because it is self-supporting and does not require foundations. So it is a win-win solution. Because people can charge electric bikes and mobile phones for FREE while municipalities can power electric mobility without spending a penny. Just contact an advertising agency and the cost of the bikeport will be covered by the rental of the advertising spaces in the structure. And if instead of billboards you prefer advertising films, we can install 3 large LCD screens.

Charge Electric Cars and Motorcycles for Free with Our Solar CarPort

Solar carports are growing in popularity and size due to their very stylish looks and great land use. Because a solar carport offers an excellent integration of the photovoltaic system into the urban landscape. So while protecting cars and electric motorcycles from damage caused by the sun, wind, rain and snow, it provides energy for the whole day. And this energy is produced by solar panels that convert solar radiation into electricity, without emissions and without costs. As soon as the car is fully charged, the energy produced can be used to power the local electricity grid. Or in case of stand-alone installation to charge the stationary battery. So let our engineering team design your next generation solar carport, tailored to your projects and energy needs.
Plan your energy future with solar parking projects. Solar Carports can provide a source of energy sufficient to charge your electric cars or motorcycles and those of your visitors.

Solar Carport for Charging Electric Cars & Motorcycles

Make a Difference by Riding Electric Motorcycles & Bikes for Commuting and Leisure

  • Innovation Is an Attitude for Us: Discover our passion for sustainable urban mobility and our vision for the future.
  • R&D: The design of our Electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles is developed by our R&D center in Europe.
  • Great Savings and Sustainability: Electric Bikes are a simple solution for a more sustainable life and represent the future of urban mobility. Furthermore, with the portable solar charging station you can charge your electric bike or motorcycle with solar energy. Wherever you are and for FREE! Solar charging station reduces your carbon footprint and helps you reduce energy utility costs. Browse our solar charger models to find the product that best suits your needs – Foldable Mini Solar Charger made for electric bikes – Portable Solar Charger made for electric scooters – Residential Solar Carport made to charge electric cars and motorcycles.
  • GPS Tracking System: All our electric bikes and motorcycles can be equipped with a GPS tracker. So you will be able to monitor your fleet of cargo bikes and know their position in real time on Android and IOS apps.
  • Trust: We offer an extended 2 year warranty on all parts of our electric motorcycles and bikes.
  • Street Legal: The law considers electric bikes as normal bicycles. So anyone can ride an electric bike without the need for a driver’s license, vehicle number plate or insurance. And you can ride your electric bike both on the road and on the bike path and in parks.