Go electric with confidence with the brand new Solar Powered Coffee Bike Food Cart and start your mobile coffee business. 100% sustainable energy for your mobile coffee bike business with Azure Bikes. We design and build the most sustainable and technologically advanced mobile food carts on the market. Try to see for yourself! A mobile coffee business is ideal for those who love to combine passion and work. And it’s the right idea for smart people who want to start a new business without huge investment. Our customers can count on a line of extremely innovative solar powered coffee bike and coffee cart vending solutions designed by a state-of-the-art research center. Whether you are interested in a stylish electric bike, a solar powered food truck or an urban mobility management system, Azure Bikes is the right solution.

Serve Delicious Coffee Drinks with Your Solar Powered Coffee Bike Food Cart

Make a difference – Run a mobile coffee shop and reach your customers wherever they are.
Make every event unique – Add a stylish eco-friendly coffee bike into your mobile coffee business.
Be environmentally friendly – All our coffee bikes are eco-friendly, zero emissions, completely self-sufficient, equipped with lithium-ion batteries and powered by a solar charger.
Shop the right mobile cart for your needs – Your success largely depends on the functionality and efficiency of your mobile coffee cart.
We are here to help you develop your mobile coffee bike food cart business – Whether you’re a small ice cream vendor or work with a large fleet of coffee bikes, we’ve got the food cart for you!

Urban Trips Electric Bike
Coffee Bike & Coffee Cart
Solar Bike Battery Charger

The electric bike is fun, it gives you the freedom to go anywhere and you have the option to choose the model that best suits your needs. If your main use is commuting, you will choose an elegant and comfortable city bike with rear bags and a practical front basket. If you are a lover of adventure, you will opt for a fat bike equipped with oversized tires for impressive traction. Whatever your preference, using an electric bike offers significant benefits. You help the environment, forget about traffic and parking, save a lot of money on gasoline and maintenance.

Take the opportunity of an ever-growing business, the mobile coffee business. Low start-up costs and large profit margins. With Azure, you can start your own business with the most stylish coffee bike even on a tight budget. The basic coffee cart can be purchased for less than $ 2000. Forget the poor generic street food cart from the early 1900s and say hello to an innovative tricycle. Azure Coffee Bike is ideal for private parties, weddings, corporate events and street food. Just find the right location and start making money!

With our Solar Charger you can charge your electric bike with solar energy wherever you are, even in remote areas. It reduces your environmental impact and will help you cut your energy utility costs. Our solar chargers with built-in controller can charge any type of battery, from 12 to 72 volts. Browse our solar charger models to find the product that best suits your needs - Foldable Mini Solar Charger made for electric bikes - Portable Solar Charger made for e-scooters - Residential Solar Carport made to charge electric cars.

Choose an Electric Bike for Your Daily Urban Trips

The electric bike is a bicycle powered by an electric motor used to assist propulsion. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere, uses no fossil fuels and reduces traffic congestion. Plus it’s fun. And you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy most of the benefits of cycling without the hassle of sweating. In fact, the electric motor gives you that extra bit of power when going uphill or in a headwind. Electric bicycles are enjoying great success in terms of sales and are replacing fossil fuel mopeds for small urban trips.

Go Mobile with Azure Coffee Bike Food Cart Vending Solutions

We build each of our coffee bikes with extreme attention to quality. Whether you are looking to start a mobile coffee business or are looking for a stylish ice cream shop on wheels for events, we have everything you need to make your dreams come reality. All of our food carts can be customized to best suit your specific needs. Whether you are a young entrepreneur starting your first business or an industry professional looking to expand your brand, we are here to help you succeed in your mobile business. And we have also developed stylish Solar Powered Cargo Bikes for carrying heavy loads with a GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps.

We Are a Professional Manufacturer of Solar Powered Electric Bikes and Vehicles

Innovation Is an Attitude for Us: Discover our passion for sustainable urban mobility and our vision for the future.
R&D: The design of our electric coffee bike and coffee cart models is developed by our R&D center in Europe.
Power Unit: Electric motors come from Bafang. A reliable factory supplying electric bike manufacturers from all over the world.
Sustainability: Solar powered electric bikes are a simple solution for a more sustainable life and represent the future of urban mobility.
Big Savings: Charging the battery with a solar bike charger is free and 100% ecological.
Safety: All of our electric bikes pass the highest safety requirements.
Trust: We offer an extended 2 year warranty on all parts of our products.
Street Legal: The law considers the electric bike as a normal bicycle. And for this anyone can ride an electric bike. Also, you don’t need a driver’s license, vehicle license plate or insurance. You can ride your electric bicycle on the road, on the bike path, in parks. For the European market we produce pedal assisted electric bikes (PAS) according to local regulations.