Azure Bikes is a manufacturer of innnovative Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Coffee Bikes for street food industry and Cargo Bikes for parcel delivery companies. A bike powered by an electric motor lets you enjoy most of the benefits of cycling, without all the sweat. Choose one of our eBikes for your daily urban trips. The eBike gives you the freedom to go anywhere, reduces fossil fuels, reduces congestion, it’s fun, and you don’t need to be an athlete to use the bike because the powerful motor will give you that extra bit of power for any climb or upwind. We are an e-mobility pioneer developing old-fashioned design bicycles coupled with the most advanced technology available on the market to offer the right solution for all your needs of urban mobility and business.

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The electric bikes or electric power assisted bikes are a new category of vehicles that offer most of the advantages of ordinary bikes, but operate as small motorcycles. The electric pedal assisted bikes satisfy the needs of people that take care of pollution and are becoming very popular in big cities. All our electric bikes are street legal worldwide. The law regards electric bikes as standard bikes, therefore, you don’t need a license, registration, or insurance. You can ride electric bikes anywhere; street, bike path, trail, it is a vehicle of freedom! Hills and headwinds are no problem. The bikes couldn’t be considered a serious option to a car, but now a powerful motor turns the ordinary bike into the ideal vehicle for urban mobility. Most of daily trips are in crowded cities and involve less than 10 Km. In stop and go traffic the average speed for a car is 15-20 Km/h. Electric bikes allow you to save time and furthermore you don’t need to loose time in searching for a park.

R&D: The design of our eBikes have been developed by our own R&D center in Italy.
Power Unit: The electric motors come from Bafang, reliable supplier of electric motors to the biggest ebike makers worldwide.
Sustainability: eBikes are a simple solution for a more sustainable life representing the future of urban mobility.
Safety: Our eBikes exceed the highest safety requirements.
Trust: We offer extended guarantee on all parts of our products.

Best Selling Electric Bikes




Made for Adventures, eBike equipped with oversized 26 x 4″ tires to have great comfort and impressive traction, virtually anywhere. Fat tires were invented for use in snow and sand, but are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, or pavement.

Made for City, the electric bike for your downtown journeys with the comfort of a city bike and the strength of a mountain bike. Mudguards, rear rack and led lights allow you reach your work also wearing an elegant suite and briefcase. No worries about raining and night return trips.

Made for Your Daily Commute, a full suspension electric bike ideal for both men and women, equipped with oversized 20 x 4″ tires. Great comfort as a motorcycle, practice as a bicycle. Long saddle, rear rack and the option of installing a practice front basket for groceries.

Become Your Own Boss Running a Coffee Bike Business

Coffee Bikes are solar powered three wheeled electric cart bikes designed to house the essential equipment of a coffee shop. Ideal for Parties, Events, Catering and Street food industry. Forget the poor and generic old street food cart, and say hello to an original eco-friendly and trendy vehicle that can easily be adapted and customized to your needs. Our designers have taken inspiration from vintage street food bikes and developed a flexible and customized platform much more practical of any other coffee bike on the market today. It can be packed and shipped worldwide in a standard carton box. Different variants can be set up on basic configuration with only few changes. To name just a few: Coffee Bar serving real Italian espresso coffee & cappuccino, Burger Biking for hot dogs & hamburgers, Ice-cream Gelato Bike serving hand made fresh ice cream, Granita Grattachecca Cart for real Roman grattachecca ice cream, Wine Bar serving wine always at right temperature, Beer Pub for cool draft beer, DJ Set Mobile Disco Bar providing with All-in-one DJ set system including amplifier and speakers.

Vintage Design Bike Frame: The double tube vintage design frame ensures great strength and a stable riding.
Fat Tires: Our Coffee Bike is equipped with oversized 20 x 4″ tires to have great comfort and impressive traction, virtually anywhere. Fat tires were invented for use in snow and sand, but are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, or pavement.
Disc Brakes: To guarantee safe driving we installed 3 disc brakes plus a parking brake.
Solar Panels: SunPower flexible solar panels on top roof.
Stainless Steel Finishing: The top of rear box is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, resistant to humidity and bad weather.
Water Sink: A useful water sink with the water container located on the top shelf, and a removable waste water tank under the sink for easy emptying.
Wi-fi system: A TV, radio and wi-fi system on your coffee bike to attract more clients.

Best Selling Coffee Bikes & Food Carts




The Coffee Bike is the evolution of the old street food cart. The bike is a fully equipped coffee shop on wheels with a coffee machine to make delicious espresso coffee and cappuccino, as only Italian coffee store can do. Just put coffee and milk into the cargo container, pedal to a crowded place as market, offices center, stadium, and make money!

The Hot Dog Cart Bike is a mobile grill restaurant that can be used as a push hand cart or attached behind a bicycle. The food cart can be interesting for any people who wants to start his own street food business. It is the right product for anyone looking for a new business without investing lots of money, and without running costs.

The Ice Cream Floating Bike is an ice cream shop, just on boat! A real beach bar serving ice cream, fresh cut fruit and cold drinks. Pedal and enjoy the ice cream boat on the sea, river and lake. If you cycle along the coast near the tourists, they will surely be impressed and attracted by your ice cream boat, and you make money!

Best Selling Street Food Trucks




Apetta is an elegant eco-friendly Street Food Truck powered by a 2000 W electric motor. It is perfect for the street food industry and mobile bar services, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, A real restaurant just on wheels. With your Apetta, you can cook meat, fish, vegetable, cheese, fruit, crepe, and more.

Ape Italian Gelato Truck is equipped with refrigerator - freezer with 6 carapines and chocolate fountain. A vintage design truck powered by electric motor, ideal for catering and street food industry. A real ice cream shop just on wheels to serve delicious ice cream in any location.

The Mobile Kitchen is a lovely trailer for the steeet food. You can count on a fully equipped kitchen including BBQ grill, fryer, boiler, You can cook any kind of food prepared in front of customers’ eyes. Become your own boss with a mobile restaurant. To success, set up the trailer in a good location and make money!

Electric Cargo Bikes for Urban Delivery Industry

Cargo bikes or freight tricycles are human and electric powered vehicles designed for transporting heavy loads. The bike frame is designed and constructed to handle loads larger than those on an ordinary bike, and the cargo area usually is a flat platform or a wire basket. Perfect for shops and restaurants to make home deliveries.

Best Selling Electric Cargo Bikes




The Long Tail Cargo Bike is a comfortable ordinary electric bike, just 200 mm longer allowing 2 children seats.

The eco-friendly alternative for advertising campaigns in the cities. Our billboards can carry two 1000×1400 mm advertisements.

An electric trike with all-in-one Mobile DJ Set equipment designed to move from one location to the next without any setup,

Best Selling Electric Scooters

CEBU eScooter

SAMAR eScooter

PALAWAN eScooter

The development of Cebu, an innovative powerful and robust eScooter, is the flagship of our urban mobility strategy, which focuses on offering sustainable solutions for crowded cities.
Motor Power: 350 W
Max Speed: 25 Km/h
Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
Samar is a mini electric Scooter front wheel drive big enough to get you anywhere you need to go. Great comfort with front and rear shock absorbers and large tyres keep you feeling relaxed.

Motor Power: 350 W
Max Speed: 25 Km/h
Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

Palawan is the ultimate off road electric scooter with strong hydraulic front suspension and rear spring, and 2 powerful brushless motors for a a peak output power of 5400 W.

Motor Power: 2 x 1200 W
Max Speed: 70 Km/h
Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

We offer a vast choice of mini escooters, among all Samar, a mini electric scooter with high performance and all the benefits of a traditional scooter offering fast acceleration and excellent handling for urban trips. A vehicle designed to meet the needs of urban mobility in large and growing cities making daily local errands fun and easy. All the benefits of a traditional scooter for local transportation coupled with no noise, no emissions, no maintenance costs, easy to ride and a top speed of 25 km per hour (electronically limited to meet EU standards). Easy go with the App connectivity to manage riding modes of your escooter directly from your phone.

Solar Powered E-Bike Charging Stations




Unique electric bicycle to ride on water based on an inflatable boat, electric motor, solar panels.

New solar canopy with bike stand rack and home charger station for electric bikes to reduce electric bills.

Innovative eBikes equipped with GPS tracker give you the visibility you need to track and manage your bike fleet.

We Are Azure Bikes

We design our products with extreme attention to quality. Try and see for yourself. Azure Bikes was founded in 2015, with line of products including electric bicycles, electric scooters, cargo bikes, coffee bikes, urban mobility solutions, solar backpack bags, solar refrigerator and freezer, solar street lighting, solar water pumps, solar electric power generators. Azure Bikes owns a factory with skilled engineers and highly trained workers. With a wide range, good quality, and stylish designs, our eBikes are well appreciated by clients in large cities and urban districts.

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