Portable Solar Power Generator 5KW

Portable Solar Power Generator 5KW Output Power

4.990,00 $

Portable Solar Power Generator 5KW Output Power

4.990,00 $

With this Portable Solar Power Generator you can charge, store and provide high-power energy anywhere, anytime. The trailer is equipped with a complete power system:
1.600 W solar panels
5.000 Wh LiFePO4 battery
5 KW hybrid solar inverter with output voltage of 110-220 V ac and 12-24 V dc

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With this brand new Portable Solar Power Generator you can always count on 5KWh of solar power. That’s why site construction workers value our solar generator, as well as the reliability and sustainability of the energy they provide. Whether you’re working on a construction site, in a remote location, or need a backup power source, this generator is the perfect solution. Unlike traditional generators that rely on fossil fuels, this generator harnesses the sun’s energy to provide clean, renewable, free energy. Unlike traditional generators that rely on fossil fuels, this generator uses solar energy to provide power.

Clean, renewable and above all free energy! This means that workers on construction sites can be sure of having access to electricity even in places without a power grid. And without having to worry about filling up every morning. As well as breathing harmful emissions and protecting yourself from the noise of a combustion engine generator.

Portable Solar Power Generator Features

The Portable Solar Power Generator is a trailer based on a 5000 watt power system, easily transportable on its 3 wheels. It can easily charge, store and supply high-power energy anywhere, anytime. It is good good for any electrical appliance operating in direct current from 12 to 48 V or in alternating current at both 110 V and 220 V. So this multifunctional solar generator can meet all your special power needs.

Solar Panels

The power system mounted on the roof of the trailer includes 3 monocrystalline solar panels of 550W each. So you have an output power of 1.600W for a total of 16.000W per day (based on 10 hours of sunlight). In addition to the 5.000Wh stored in the battery. (The production of energy is calculated for 1.000W/m2 solar irradiation power).

5.000Wh LiFePO4 Battery

All-in-one LiFePO4 battery storage with its power management system built-in, and an energy storage of 5.120Wh (51.2V – 100Ah). This battery is very efficient, it has a useful life 20 times longer than lead acid batteries. It also has fully integrated protections and an extra on/off protection switch.

5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

The 5KW hybrid inverter is a all in one system, with solar charger, built in 48V lithium battery and phone APP.It is modular for easy installation and expansion and with an output voltage of 110 – 220 V ac.

Why Site Workers Love this 5KW Portable Solar Power Generator

The first reason construction workers appreciate this solar generator is that it is a reliable and sustainable source of energy. In fact, unlike traditional petrol generators, the Portable Solar Power Generators exploit the energy of the sun. So they are quiet, have no exhaust and operators don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. The second reason is that 5KW solar generators are also more cost-effective in the long run. Without ongoing fuel costs and maintenance costs. In fact, with the Portable Solar Power Generator you can forget about changing oil, filters and other mechanical parts. You have access to a reliable and inexhaustible source of energy at no cost.

Thirdly we highlight the transportability of this 5KW solar generator. As it was designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to transport. You can take it anywhere, even indoors, and set it up in just a few minutes. That’s why solar generators are ideal for construction site workers who need to move quickly from one location to another.

Fourth, Portable Solar Power Generators are incredibly versatile. Which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. From powering construction sites to providing energy in remote areas, these generators are a tool precious. And in many contexts they prove indispensable. Just think of the remote areas where there is no electricity grid or petrol stations. Finally, construction workers love portable solar generators because they are very easy to use. With simple controls and an intuitive interface, even those with limited technical knowledge can use them easily. This Portable Solar Power Generator therefore proves to be a great choice for construction workers of all levels.

5KW Solar Power System Applications

This Portable Solar Power Generator was designed and built to facilitate the work of workers on construction sites. In fact it is perfect for powering power tools such as drills, belt sanders, circular saws and more. You can use any electrical appliance with rated power less than 5000W anywhere and anytime. But you can also use this portable solar power generator as emergency power for any use. For homes, offices, campers, cabins, pumping systems, and more.

During sunny hours the solar panels can provide a constant power of more than 1000W and recharge the battery at the same time. If there are no loads connected to the system, the solar panels can charge the battery in just 3 hours. You can charge the battery via solar power or via a standard 110 or 230 V wall outlet. And even at night you can run your appliances thanks to the energy stored in the battery. So you can easily use your refrigerator/freezer, LED TV, fan and charge your laptop, phone, etc.

Why Solar Power

Solar energy has become a very popular alternative energy source in recent years. More and more businesses and families are turning to the sun’s rays to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change. As well as saving a lot of money on energy bills. Furthermore, as technology evolves and the costs of solar panels decrease, solar energy is conquering new markets. For example, workers on construction sites and those working in remote locations where finding an electrical outlet is a challenge. This is where portable solar generators come in. Especially this 5 kW gem that provides a reliable and sustainable source of energy for those who need it most.

Lately, solar generators are changing the rules of the game even where no one thought it possible until yesterday. Have you ever imagined that workers on construction sites could do without the noisy and polluting diesel generator? Well from today they will be able to use the 5KW portable solar generator to power their tools.


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