How to Start a Coffee Bike Business

How To Start a Coffee Bike Business

Read the 10 easy steps on How to Start a Coffee Bike or Mobile Ice Cream Cart Business without breaking the bank. Running a coffee bike is a very profitable business and can be interesting for anyone looking to start their own business. If you like coffee and you like working with people, the coffee bike is the job for you. in fact it allows to combine passion and work. According to market research, a coffee vending business is a great deal in both small towns and large cities. This is because the coffee business is growing all over the world and most of us like to have a coffee on our way to work.

What is a Coffee Bike?

Operating a mobile coffee cart is like a coffee based street food business. To make us better understand, the coffee bike is a tricycle equipped with a coffee machine for serving espresso, coffee and cappuccino. A real cafe, just on wheels. It could be a great alternative to opening a regular coffee shop as it has very low startup costs, no rental fees, and no electricity bills. You are also flexible and free to move where you see potential customers are.

Why Start a Mobile Coffee Bike Business Now

There are many challenges today and you have a great opportunity to buy a coffee cart and start making money. After many restrictions, people love to be outdoors and consume more and more food and drink while walking on the street or in a park. A mobile coffee shop is a great way to start your own business due to its flexibility, low start-up costs, and great profit margins. You can run the coffee bike business as a full time job or as a second business and only work in the evenings or weekends. The mobile food business has attracted many start-ups in recent years and with any type of food cart:
Mobile Coffee Bike – 3 wheeled electric bike.
Mobile Ice Cream Tuk Tuk – 3 wheeled motorcycle.
Coffee Vending Cart – hand push cart.
Floating Coffee Bar – water bike boat.
… and more!

Start a Mobile Coffee Bar Business

Which Mobile Coffee Bike Meets Your Needs

Do you like working outdoors? Do you have good communication skills? Are you ready to work uncommon working hours? Then you are ready to start your coffee bike business. Do a market research in your area and look for opportunities. Make the right choice according to your passion and lifestyle.
Do you live near an office district and there are no coffee shops nearby? So you can work early in the morning to meet the huge demand for coffee as people go to work. The Electric Coffee Bike with solar panels is the right choice for this use.
If, on the other hand, you like to work in the evening, you can place your bike at the entrance to concerts and outdoor events. For this use you don’t need a bike with solar panels, but a Coffee Cart with an extra battery.
If there are many corporate events or private parties or weddings in your city, you could offer yourself as a catering service. And the Tuk Tuk, a delightful 3-wheeled motorcycle, is perfect for grabbing guests’ attention.
If you are near a tropical beach, you can serve tourists coffee in the morning and ice cream in the evening. For this business there is nothing better than the new Water Coffee Bike.

Main Advantages of Starting a Mobile Coffee Bike Business

  • Very low startup costs: you can start your mobile coffee business with a budget of less than 1.000 USD.
  • No monthly fees: you won’t have to pay rent and electricity bills.
  • Maintenance free: you won’t spend time and money on maintenance and spare parts.
  • Great profit margins: the coffee industry offers a very high profit margin. You can also sell other products such as ice cream and croissants with the potential to double your profit.
  • The demand for high quality coffee is increasing in all countries: coffee is a growing trend and is very popular with young people.
  • Flexible business: the coffee bike business can be a part time or a full time job. You can run the coffee bike only in the morning by parking the bike in the business district. Or only in the evening by selling coffee outside a disco bar.
  • Mobile location: before opening a coffee shop it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan. You must list all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen location. It will include the distance from the commercial or office area, ease of parking, etc. You can’t go wrong. The coffee cart, in addition to having laughable costs, allows you to change locations several times a day. You can easily move around and place the coffee bike where the customers are.
  • Eco-friendly business: our coffee bikes are equipped with solar panels, no noise and no emissions.
  • No need long practice: with a classic coffee machine, you have to do a long internship before making a great coffee. With our electric coffee machine you can prepare a delicious espresso coffee without being a professional barista. it is very simple to use.

How to Make Your Mobile Coffee Cart Business More Profitable

To stand out among other coffee shops in the area, offer an excellent coffee, pay attention to detail, and always be friendly with customers. Before investing your money in a coffee bike, we recommend to write a basic business plan. You can park your coffee cart in morning in city district, offices or universities offering espresso, coffee and cappuccino. In the afternoon, you will find more potential customers outside a mall. In the evening, the coffee cart can make a lot of money outside a cinema or nightclub. Don’t forget to run the coffee cart in the park on weekends serving ice cream for kids. In most countries people are moving towards cashless transactions. Check with your bank officer the possibility to accept credit card and online payments. Increase your company’s visibility and consumer confidence by installing a GPS tracker on your coffee bike.

First Step to Start a Coffee Bike Business

Keep information on the legal requirements for a mobile coffee cart in your area. Please contact your local municipality to find out how to start the business. Each city has different rules and requirements such as a street business license and hygiene food policies. The legal requirements will depend on where you want to trade, and what food and drinks you intend to sell. If you will sell coffee from a coffee bike in a city center you will need to apply for a Street Trading Licence and register your business with the Environmental Health Department. The Street Trading Licence is not necessary if you work in private areas such as at events or wedddings. After reading the regulations of your city, you can decide what kind of coffee bike suits your needs. If you can sell coffee, ice cream, fresh fruit juice and more.

Run a Mobile Coffee Cart Business

How to Write a Mobile Coffee Cart Business Plan

After you know what kind of products you can sell in your area according to municipal law, write a basic business plan (You can ask our team for a hand):

  • Your coffee bike: decide which coffee bike you can buy based on your legal requirements and budget.
  • Your target audience: imagine who your customers will be, what they want, why they should buy from you.
  • Most profitable location: with a coffee bike you can move around and find the best location for any moment of the day. A coffee bike is perfect in: tourist areas, parks, financial districts, university campuses, sports centers, events and concerts, beaches.
  • Stand out from the crown: with a mobile coffee bike you can easily change sites and avoid competiotion with other street vending carts. However, the quality of the service and the menu will help you conquer the market.
  • What you serve: serve a high quality espresso coffee. And write down the additional products you will need to differentiate your coffee bike from other coffee shops. Prepare some specials that will keep your clients coming back.
  • Total expenses: when you decide to run a coffee bike business, your budget must include all expenses. Cost to buy the coffee bike, cost for licenses and permits if necessary, operational costs for the first month, costs for coffee, cups, plates, napkins, snacks, etc. for 1 week. Please note that a Made in Italy espresso coffee machine is included in our online price. But you may also be interested in other equipment such as juicer, blender, refrigerator, deep fryer, grill, pasta machine, pizza oven, wi-fi stereo system.
  • Marketing expenses: a well planned campaign will reduce the break-even point by 50%.

Define Your Marketing Strategy

If you find a strategic location, you won’t have to pay much for a promotional campaign. However, a good advertising campaign helps to develop your business quickly. A week before opening, ride your branding coffee bike in the area, give flyers to let locals know about your business. And get your website up along with a social media marketing campigng. Advertising your business in local newspapers and radio may be the best if not too expensive. Think of a name for your coffee bike that sounds good and is easy to remember. Mind to personalize your coffee bike with stickers. To increase brand loyalty we have created an online platform where food cart owners can enter their data. The position of your coffee bike and your working hours are updated in real time with the GPS.

Define Your Vision and Objectives

Write your vision and the future of your business. After you discover that a mobile coffee cart is a very profitable business, you can plan to add more coffee bikes to your first cart. You can quickly build a fleet of coffee bikes with baristas who will work for you, You can install a GPS tracking system with the app to check in real time position and sales volume. To make your future clear, break down your goal into small daily goals to be fulfilled day by day. Perhaps in the near future you will launch a national coffee chain. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself while you work.

Which Company Status is Suitable for a Mobile Coffee Cart Business

Most coffee cart businesses operate as sole traders due to the simple structure and easy accounting system. But if you are interested in operating with different coffee bikes, it may be best to structure your business as limited company or liability partnership. As you know, a limited company separates the company’s finances from the individual. The best company structure may also depend on where you want to trade, and what foods and drinks you intend to sell.

Our Support on How to Start a Mobile Coffee Bike Business

We are here to help you to provide tips and advice for making your business successful. If you’re thinking of starting a mobile coffee business and you need further information, please Contact us.