Mobile Bars on Wheels

Check out our selection of Mobile Bars on Wheels for your luxury corporate events and weddings. Our portable bars are lightweight and the compact design makes them perfect for bartenders on the go, parties and events or for promoting your brand. They’re small enough to fit into most SUVs, making them perfect for the mobile bar business. Assembling a portable mini bar on wheels is extremely simple and can be completed in five minutes. No complex hardware is required to set up our portable bar, and anyone can assemble it.
All our Mobile Bars on Wheels have an exclusive design and innovative technical solutions. They can operate without external water and electricity outlets thanks to the battery-operated refrigerator, and the drinking water tap with tanks. We can customize your portable bar by adding your logos or brand. Promoting a new product line or just your mobile bartending business has never been easier.
Make any wedding awesome with our vintage 6 carapine mobile ice cream cart! It’s like having a real ice cream shop, just on wheels. It allows you to serve traditional Italian ice cream cones to your guests, whatever the event, inside or outside, in summer or winter. And if you want to impress your guests in the summer during the beach parties, try the Aperol Cocktail Bar on Wheels. A fully equipped mobile cocktail station serving a wide range of creative cocktails. First of all the popular Aperol Spritz, the light and fresh cocktail made in Venice, Italy.
While for business meetings, you can check out the Mobile Coffee Cart on Wheels. You will delight your guests with a unique coffee shop that will show the secrets of the Italian coffee culture. The true taste of a creamy espresso and cappuccino just the way Italians like it.

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