From the past to the future. From the vintage penny farthing bikes to the brand new 36″ mountain bikes with giant wheel. The first vehicle that was like what we call bike, was developed into the mid 1800s by a Kirkpatrick MacMillan (Scotland), in the later mid 1800s Ernest Michaux and Pierre Lallement (France) attached pedals to large wheel. In the 1870s James Starley made some changes increasing the front wheel size, and placing the rider over the pedals. In the 1890s bicycles were equipped with brakes and pneumatic tires developed by John Dunlop. Bicycling became popular and the bicycle was the main mode of transportation for most people till 1910 when cars took place of bikes. But the transport mode of last century based on private cars is no longer the best for the future, and most developed countries are coming back to bicycle as the perfect vehicle for urban mobility. Fossil fuel is causing serious changes to the global climate and health problems. One of the best ways to reduce environmental damage in high density cities and have important public health benefits is to use green vehicles when and where it is available. And the bicycle is one of the best one for urban journeys. One of the best is the urban cruiser, a bicycle that combines vintage style with high quality components and modern features as 7 speed gearbox and V-brakes. The raised handlebar offers an upright riding position optimized for leisurely rides in the city or in the park. Available for him and for her with a lovely front wicker basket.

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