Mobile Coffee Bike for Coffee Bar Business

Mobile Coffee Bike for Mobile Coffee Bar Business

6.900,00 $

Mobile Coffee Bike for Mobile Coffee Bar Business

6.900,00 $

Easily start your mobile bar business with the brand new Mobile Coffee Bike, a fully equipped coffee shop, just on wheels. In fact, our electric bike is designed to accommodate a Made in Italy Espresso Machine, so you can serve delicious coffees and cappuccinos. Furthermore, it is equipped with an electric motor that allows you to move quickly throughout the city.
Motor power: 750W (250W for EU market)

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Start your mobile bar business now with our stylish Mobile Coffee Bike, a fully equipped coffee shop, just on wheels. The bike, in fact, is ready to use and designed to accommodate a Made in Italy espresso machine. So you can serve your customers delicious coffees and cappuccinos just like the coffee shops in Italy do. We offer you the chance to realize your dream of owning your own bar with a very small initial investment. Thanks to its self-sufficient operation, our Coffee Bike offers you great mobility and at the same time unparalleled flexibility. So you can shape your business model to your lifestyle and choose the most appropriate places and working hours. After all, you can offer coffee lovers a real coffee experience almost anywhere without electricity or water connection.

Users and Uses of Mobile Coffee Bike

Enjoy the most elegant and eco-friendly coffee bike on the market. As our bike is the evolution of the old and much loved Italian Ape Piaggio tricycle. Yes, exactly the one used in the 60s as a food truck, but with numerous improvements. Our engineers, in fact, left the classic vintage design but added the most advanced technological solutions. First of all, on our Mobile Coffee Bike it is possible to find the same bodywork that made the Ape unique and unmistakable. That closed box that protects machinery and food products as you move from place to place. So when you arrive at your destination, just open the gullwing doors to have the shop ready. Furthermore, the open wings work like a sunshade and protect people from the sun or rain.

Last but not least, we replaced the petrol engine with a pedal assisted electric motor. This offers numerous advantages. First of all, the electric motor does not produce emissions. You will therefore also be able to use your coffee bike indoors, in exhibition pavilions, conference centers and theater foyers. It also doesn’t consume petrol and requires no maintenance, so you save a lot of money. And according to the highway code this coffee bike is not a motorcycle, but a simple bicycle. You can therefore cycle on the road, on a cycle path, inside a park or in a pedestrian area, where more people usually gather.

Mobile Coffee & Espresso Machine

Electric Bike Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Shifter: 8-speed Shimano drive train
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes with brake lever lockout mechanism for parking
Rims: extra wide double-walled aluminum wheels front and rear with stainless steel spokes
Tires: front and rear Maxxis 26? x 2.50 tires
Lights: LED headlights, brake lights, running lights and turn signals
Size: 2700 x 1100 x 2000 mm – 106 x 43.3 x 78.7 inch
Weight: 120 Kg – 264 lbs

Power Unit

Motor: 750 watt rear drive motor and differantial (250 W for Europe on request)
Display: LED motor system display panel
Range: 50 Km – 31 miles (you can double the range by ordering the lithium battery)
Battery: 48 V – 20 Ah (optional 48 V – 40 Ah LiFePO4 Battery)
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist (and throttle for US)
Charger: 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz (Solar panels optional)


3 wheel electric bike with rear box with gull wing opening
Refrigerator for drinks and ice-cream
Water sink
Battery and battery charger

Why Start Your Own Coffee Business

Coffee is becoming more and more popular around the world. So much so that even the English are abandoning the traditional 5 o’clock tea for a coffee break. Among the reasons for the success of coffee there is obviously the ease of preparation and the variety of offerings. Just read the Starbucks menu to get an idea: Espresso, macchiato, mocaccino, decaffeinated, cappuccino and many others. If you want to seize the opportunity of an exponentially growing business, open your own coffee shop today. Because with our Mobile Coffee Bike you can start your new business and become your own boss with just a few thousand dollars. Just read some articles on how to manage a cafe and get information on your city’s regulations regarding street vendors.

Benefits of a Mobile Coffee Bar Business

The Mobile Coffee Bike is ideal for a twenty-year-old boy or girl who wants to combine passion and work. But it could also be the right job for a smart person currently working in the food and beverage industry. Both to increase revenue and to advertise your existing coffee bar or restaurant. Among the countless advantages of a portable bar there is certainly the low investment. Plus you can do everything a normal cafe does but without the fixed costs of a coffee shop. And you also have another great advantage.

You can serve espressos and cappuccinos prepared in front of the eyes of customers with greater involvement with customers. And last but not least, with a Mobile Coffee Bike you can move wherever there is demand for coffee. In front of the offices in the morning and in the park on Sunday. So to success, just move to find a strategic location.

Mobile Coffee Bar on Wheels Add-ons

Mobile Coffee Bike Add-Ons

We are ready to equip your Mobile Coffee Bike with the equipment you prefer to meet your needs. First of all the Made in Italy Espresso & Cappuccino Machine available also with ESE pods system so you can serve great coffee without being an expert barista. Then the Solar Panels and the GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps. If you want to offer other products in addition to coffee, you can also install more equipment. Like the soft ice cream machine, the low speed juice extractor, the smoothie maker and more.

Customize Your Coffee Bike

We are ready to customize the body image of your Mobile Coffee Bike according to your needs.


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