Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven on Trailer

Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven on Trailer

7.880,00 $

Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven on Trailer

7.880,00 $

With this brand new trailer you can take your business along with the Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven wherever your customers are with ease.
Included: water sink, refrigerator, stainless steel worktop, Made in Italy wood-fired pizza oven to cook 3 pizzas at a time (gas or electric oven on request)

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With the pizza trailer equipped with a Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven you can take your business wherever your customers are. Because this bicycle trailer is a truly professional mobile pizza oven designed to evolve your pizza business. So you can prepare all the pizzas you want just as if you were in a real pizzeria. Just on the go! If you are a chef and want to take your culinary skills on the road, this trailer is for you. With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, we have taken the mobile kitchen to the next level. Our mobile wood-fired pizza ovens are perfect for luxury catering events. But they are also the perfect food trucks for serving food on street corners thanks to their compactness and maneuverability.

With this professional mobile pizza oven you will always be able to offer your customers high quality, fresh and hot pizza. With our pizza food trailer you will serve excellent pizzas as if you were a starred pizza chef in a traditional pizzeria. But to start a mobile pizzeria business you will need an investment 10 times less than starting a pizzeria.

Run a Mobile Pizza Business with a Real Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The popularity of food pizza trailers as a mobile kitchen solution for the hospitality industry has been steadily increasing for some years. Especially in areas with a high density of offices where many people like to have a quick lunch near their workplace. And pizza is becoming a cornerstone of so-called street food because, after all, everyone likes it. Furthermore, it is very easy to prepare a delicious pizza in a short time. Even in a small space and without a lot of equipment.

To serve an excellent pizza, in fact, all you need is a work table on which to roll out the dough and season it. And of course a pizza oven. Among the various types of oven, the wood-fired brick oven stands out with its characteristic dome and chimney. In addition to its superior technical characteristics, the mobile wood-fired pizza oven is also more fascinating. And watching the pizza chef at work while he takes out the pizzas is a highly satisfying experience.

Tips and Tricks for Running a Pizza Food Trailer

Street food is a real catering activity. Only with smaller dimensions and lower management costs than a traditional restaurant. Plus the pizzeria on wheels it allows you to change location and get closer to potential customers during events such as fairs and festivals. So to start a mobile pizza business you don’t have to go crazy to find the right place with a reasonable rent. But for the rest you have to think as if you were opening a real restaurant, starting with the equipment. Professional equipment for mobile kitchens has particular characteristics compared to restaurant kitchens. Ovens, refrigerators and kitchen tops must be resistant and durable but must be more compact and lighter than traditional ones. Attend some free online information sessions on the pizza food truck business to better understand the pizza market. Then open your own mobile pizza business!

Mobile Pizza Oven Identity

A restaurant works best when there is a well-defined corporate identity. This can be given both by the particular culinary specialties of the chef and by the warm atmosphere of the restaurant. The important thing is that the restaurant has a distinctive element that customers can immediately recognize. For example, a Neapolitan pizza with buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy, vegan culinary specialties or even serving only locally sourced food. Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in the world and can become the signature dish on your menu. Especially if the pizza chef prepares the pizza in front of the customers’ eyes and swirls it before putting it in the oven. Because building a brand identity and presenting food to customers in a unique and effective way are the key to success. Word of mouth will get people talking about your business, and that’s the best marketing.

How to Plan Work with a Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Good work organization together with the choice of food to serve and equipment is essential for the success of a mobile pizzeria. It all starts before leaving home with the preparation of the food to be served. Start washing fruit and vegetables, cutting mozzarella into small pieces, preparing toppings and pizza dough. Upon arriving at your chosen location, park your food truck so that all passersby see it. You can try adding some colorful flags to your truck to make it more attractive. Finally, turn on the wood-fired pizza oven and organize the work surface to prepare the pizza dough. From this moment you work as if you were in a traditional restaurant, only you have less room for maneuver.

What is Better, the Pizza Truck or the Pizza Trailer?

Before starting a mobile pizza business, you need to think about whether you will primarily serve pizza on the road or at events. In the first case it might be better to purchase a truck equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven. In the second case you can opt for a trailer to tow with your car, or your bike if you choose to work only in your city. Whatever your choice, you must think that the mobile cart represents the style of the company. It is therefore essential to take care of the visual aspect of the pizza trailer.

A nice customization of your pizza trailer can make your pizzeria a success. Once you have chosen the mobile cart and livery you will have to equip it with the necessary tools for your business. The minimum equipment needed to serve pizza consists of a professional oven, a refrigerator, a worktop and a water sink. If you still have room, you can add a second refrigerator for drinks and a fryer. Always keep in mind that these appliances must be as light and energy efficient as possible.

Why Choose a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The right oven for a mobile pizzeria is absolutely the wood-fired pizza oven. Firewood costs money and takes up a bit of storage space, but it cooks pizza like no other. But if the legislation of your city does not allow the use of wood, we can provide the gas cooking system. Gas is more practical, cheaper and easier to handle, although cooking with gas is not as special as cooking with wood. In any case, whether it is wood or gas, a food truck oven must meet the following requirements.

First of all it must be compact and light. This makes your life easier while on the go. Secondly, a good oven must have a high cooking speed. This way you can cook lots of pizzas in a short time. This is especially useful when serving pizzas to workers during lunch hours. Third, a good oven must have a large heat capacity. That is, the oven is able to maintain a high temperature for a long time even when the flame is turned off. The larger the thermal capacity, the lower the energy consumption.

The sum of all these factors determines the production capacity of your oven. That is, the number of pizzas you can turn out per hour compared to the total fuel consumption. A high-quality pizza oven reaches the right temperature quickly and maintains it for a long time. This way you can cook the pizza in a short time at a high temperature and use little wood or gas.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Trailer Features

Bicycle trailer
Made in Italy mobile wood-fired pizza oven to cook 3 pizzas at a time (gas or electric oven on request)
Closed storage space
Water sink system with automatic sensor
Size (LWH): 1800 x 1100 x 2000 mm

The Trailer is Equipped with a Made in Italy Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The oven mounted on our bike guarantees perfect and fast cooking. In fact, our wood-fired pizza oven reaches 450°C in a few minutes compared to 2 hours for traditional ones. Furthermore, this oven has a high thermal capacity thanks to the steel dome. This accumulates heat very quickly and keeps it for a long time, allowing you to extend your cooking sessions. Another advantage of the steel dome is its lightness. In fact, steel pizza ovens are much lighter and easier to move than brick ones. Another strong point of our Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is the elegant design. The classic shape of the pizza oven conveys the idea of ​​harmony between tradition and innovation. This positively influences the perception that customers have of your pizza trailer.


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