Mobile ice cream cart catering

Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale

4.990,00 $

Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale

4.990,00 $

Start your own Mobile Ice Cream Cart Business with the ultimate entertainment for mobile bar catering. This ice cream cart is the icon of traditional Italian gelato and the refrigerator with tubs allows you to produce your own personalized Italian ice cream wonder!

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The Mobile Ice Cream Cart is the icon of traditional Italian gelato and the ultimate entertainment for Mobile Bar Catering.

A fully equipped mobile gelato bar with a fridge with tubs to produce your own personalized Italian ice cream wonder! With our ice cream cart you will have the pleasure of attending weddings and parties, fairs and corporate events. Since it’s like working in an ice cream shop, plus it’s portable. In fact, it allows you to serve traditional Italian ice cream cones on any special occasion and in any location. Your mobile ice cream bar will be complete with a refrigeration unit that can contain up to 8 different flavors of ice cream. Then your guests can choose from a variety of flavours, from traditional strawberry and lemon to black cherry and nutella. Moreover, with this mobile cart you can offer a wide range of ice creams and frozen desserts. From classic packaged ice cream to Italian artisan gelato, and even sorbet.

Mobile Ice Cream Bar Catering Uses and Users

Starting a mobile ice cream cart business is very rewarding and also a lot of fun. In addition, you are your own boss and can choose the working hours and locations that suit you best. And last but not least, you bring joy and cheer to the people you meet on the street every day. To begin with, make a list of places with good sales potential in your area, especially places frequented by children. So start listing malls and public parks, swimming pools and promenades, squares frequented by families. Once the list is complete, start evaluating the opportunities offered by mobile bar hire business as well.
Then make a second list including the trade shows, rallies, festivals, wedding planners and event organizers in your area. Because the idea of serving homemade ice cream at weddings and private parties is always a great success. In fact all guests are satisfied and word of mouth could bring you other future business.

Why Italian Ice Cream Is So Good

After pizza, Italian ice cream is the food most loved and known by foreigners. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, however there is a difference between gelato and ice cream. In fact, gelato is smoother and silkier than ice cream, and is often richer in taste as well. Furthermore, ice cream is less fat because it contains less cream and more milk. As a result, ice cream offers fewer calories, less sugar, and lower fat per serving than ice cream. This 30 – 40% less fat and calories makes gelato a much healthier food than ice cream. And if you are looking for a healthy or even vegan dessert, you can serve sorbets. Since sorbet has fewer fewer calories than ice cream and is fat-free. Its fruit content makes it rich in vitamin C.

Features and Equipment of the Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale

Made in Italy freezer: This refrigerated cart is equipped with a Made in Italy pozzetti counter. The circular tubs allow excellent preservation of the ice cream and greater temperature stability. The capacity of the standard ice cream cart is 4 + 4 stacked carapines while the operating temperature varies from – 5°C to – 20°C (23°F to – 4°F).
Stainless steel finishing: All the details of the cart have been studied to maintain a high level of service over the years. And all parts of the mobile ice cream cart are made of stainless steel.
Running water system: The water sink with faucet and 2 tanks (for drinking water and waste water) allow you to operate even in environments without water.
Battery: To operate in environments without electricity, you can use the mobile ice cream cart with a battery (optional).
Mobile ice cream cart size (LWH): 1200x700x1000 mm – 47.2×27.5×39.3 inch.

Mobile Gelato Bar Advantages

With Your Mobile Ice Cream Cart you will bring a fantastic gelato experience to your guests wherever they are! Because the runnnig water system and the battery allo you to operate even in areas without water and electricity. Another advantage of our mobile ice cream cart is its luxurious design. This allows you to organize catering for weddings, fairs, private events and parties. Other benefits of an ice cream cart business are low start-up costs and large profit margins. Also, great skill is not required to start the mobile ice cream business.

What is Included in Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale

Mobile cart
Stainless steel worktop
Made in Italy ice cream fridge with 4 circular tubes to house carapines (on request we can install the fridge to house 8 carapines)
Running water system with sink and water tanks

Add-ons for Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale and Custom Design

Battery to run the ice cream refrigerator when there is no outlet.
Solar panels to charge the battery and increase the hours of use.
Removable towing bar for bicycle.
We are ready to customize your Mobile Ice Cream Cart for Sale with the color of your choice and with your logo. All of our mobile gelato carts are custom made in our factory and delivered worldwide. Contact us to find a solution that can satisfy your needs.


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