Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle Komoran

Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle Komoran

5.600,00 $

Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle Komoran

5.600,00 $

Getting around the city with a Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle is now a reality.
Fuel cell power: 300 W
Hydrogen storage: metal hydride cylinder

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Getting around the city with a Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle, also called H2 bike, is now a reality. Yes, because hydrogen bikes are recently gaining popularity as a possible alternative to electric bikes powered by lithium-ion batteries. Largely due to their extended range and speed of hydrogen tank replacement. This way you can use the bike immediately without having to wait 3-4 hours to recharge the battery. Furthermore, like traditional electric bikes, hydrogen bikes are very environmentally friendly. In fact, fuel cells only emit water vapor while riding. This is why hydrogen represents the optimal energy solution in areas that are difficult to decarbonise. Because eliminating greenhouse gas emissions improves air quality in cities.

How the Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle Works

A hydrogen bicycle is equipped with an electric motor, a hydrogen fuel cell and a low-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder. It is therefore similar to a normal electric bicycle, but instead of the battery there is a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank. The hydrogen powered electric bicycle is based on an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.. This reaction produces electricity that powers the electric motor. It is the fuel cell stack that generates the energy needed to run the bicycle. once the hydrogen has been received from the cylinder.

Advantages of the Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle

Until yesterday, a hydrogen bike offeed few advantages over an electric bike with a battery. Among the main disadvantages were the purchase cost and the lack of infrastructure for recharging hydrogen tanks. First of all, we lowered the purchase cost, aligning it with that of a standard electric bicycle. Then we found a way to produce hydrogen efficiently and ecologically thanks to an electrolyser to use at home. Third, we have developed a way to store hydrogen safely and efficiently in low-pressure metal hydride cylinders. Last but not least, all the most advanced nations are building the infrastructure to distribute hydrogen to refueling stations. So it’s a bit like filling up an LNG car.

Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Stem: aluminum
Shifter: 7-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes
Max load: 120 Kg – 265 lb
Weight: 24 Kg – 53 lb
Rims: aluminum
Spokes: steel
Tires: 26″ x 2 tires

Rider Height

160 – 180 cm ( 5.2” – 5.9″ )

Power Unit

Motor: brushless geared rear hub motor
Motor Power: 180 W
Max Speed: 25 Km/h – 16 mph
Range: 40 km – 25 miles
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike Features

Fuel cell power: 300 W
Hydrogen storage capacity (metal hydride): 18 g – 0.039 lb
Cylinder weight: 2.5 Kg – 5.5 lb

Hydrogen Storage System

Storage hydrogen is the most delicate problem in hydrogen fuell cell system. We offer a practice metal hydrides gas cylinder where hydrogen is stored at low pressure (less than 10 bar). The hydrogen is stored in the safest way with the absorption through metal hydride.

What is Included in Hydrogen Powered Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycle
Hybrid power electronics
Hydrogen storage cylinder (2 pcs)

Because Hydrogen is the Future

Hydrogen is a 100% ecological fuel, In fact, hydrogen fuel cells do not produce harmful emissions during operation. We can also produce hydrogen with electrolyzers that split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. It is therefore sufficient to power the electrolysers with electricity produced from renewable sources to have an eco-sustainable supply chain. But the most important factor for hydrogen’s success is its storage potential. We can store hydrogen in special cylinders and use it later as we wish. And hydrogen can be stored for long periods without losses. This guarantees us a constant energy supply and can replace fossil fuels even in energy-intensive industries.

Additional Notes: We can provide customized turnkey hydrogen fuel cell solutions or provide hydrogen fuel cell kit only. Please Contact Us for further information.


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