Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

2.980,00 $

Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

2.980,00 $

The all-in-one Solar Charging Station is an innovative solar canopy to charge Light Electric Vehicles. Self-supporting structure that does not require foundation works.
Solar Panels Output Power: 1600 watts

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Be eco-friendly. Install a Solar Charging Station at home for charging your electric vehicles easily and for free! Moreover, if you use a solar charging station you make a significant contribution to reducing co2 emissions. And to please all electric vehicle owners, we have designed a very convenient and easy to install charging station. In fact we are noticing that people have become more environmentally conscious and are buying more and more electric cars. But electric vehicles alone are not enough to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We need alternative charging methods and, among these, solar energy is the cheapest and least polluting one. Therefore the combination of electric vehicles and solar charging stations is perfect for improving air quality.

How to Size Your Solar Charging Station

To reduce harmful emissions we need a fundamental change in the way we think about the fueling of our cars. And also of a natural evolution of ours infrastructure that supplies energy. For electric vehicles, the Solar Charging Station is a bit like a petrol station for petrol cars. But with electric vehicles you have the charging station at home, and you can easily refuel every day. So the first step is to calculate the power of the solar panels to be installed to power your vehicle.
Do you know how much energy your car consumes? While liters or gallons are calculated for petrol cars, KWh is used for electric vehicles. The most common electric vehicles consume about 0.25 KWh for every mile travelled (1.6 Km). As a result, if you plan on driving 20 miles a day (32 Km), you’ll need to fuel your vehicle with 5KWh. In fact, 20 miles traveled multiplied by consumption per mile equals 5000Wh per day. Let’s say you live in an area that gets at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day. Well then a charging station with solar panels producing 1500W is all you need. Indeed 1500W x 5 hours of sun will give you 6000Wh, that is 6 KWh per day. More than you need for charging your electric car.
Our solar charging station has a modular structure. So you can easily increase the number of solar panels in case you need more energy. Contact our technicians for support in sizing your best charging station.

Charging Station Features

Body Materials: Steel and aluminum
Capacity: 1 light electric car or electric motorcycle
Size (LWH): 2000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 78.7 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: 110V – 220V AC outlet. Digital power meter option is available
Solar Panels Power: 1600 W
Solar Controller: Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Advanced Technology: Full power supply and stable function, overcharge and over discharge protection, high efficiency
Waterproof Protection: IP44 rated unit
Certification Mark: CE

Where to Charge Electric Vehicles

The use of the electric vehicle also involves a change in the way of thinking about the car and in consolidated habits. The electric motor is maintenance-free and the workshop is a thing of the past. Even the service station to fill up is to be forgotten. But vice versa we are unable to recharge our electric vehicle in 2 minutes, as happens for a full tank of petrol. Even if all the car manufacturers are trying to make super chargers to speed up refueling. But today, the supply of electricity is different from what people are used to.
The first factor is that most people can charge their electric cars at home. Yes, right at home while they sleep or while they are at work thanks to their own solar charging station. Go to sleep and your car recharges. In this case the backup battery kit is required. Or you can charge it while you’re at work.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Eco-friendly: The Electric Vehicle Charging Station helps limit co2 emissions.
  • Energy saving: The Solar Charging Station can charge both your electric vehicles and your household appliances.
  • Modular and Flexible: Appreciate the modularity of the solar charging station. The power output can be increased according to your needs. Furthermore, upon request, we can supply a large buffer battery to recharge your car at night.
  • Easy Installation: Self-supporting structure that does not require foundation work. The electric vehicle charging station is delivered ready for use. Furthermore, the solar charging station is completely self-sufficient and does not need to be connected to the electricity grid.
  • Easy to Use: Just need connect your e-car.


Steel and aluminum structure
Steel base plate that functions as ballast, so no foundation is required, simplifying the installation
Solar panels
Controller and inverter
Cable and connectors for solar panels
Backup battery (Optional)

Why Solar Charging Station

The Solar Charging System is a small electricity generator designed to be practical and simple to use. In addition of course to being very cheap and highly efficient. In fact, it manages to generate enough electricity to recharge your electric vehicle for everyday commutes. This solar charging station was built to be self-sufficient and can operate without being connected to the electricity grid. But if you prefer, you can connect it to the mains. In this case you can do without backup batteries. In fact, the current generated by the solar panels is fed into the grid and will reduce your electricity bill.


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