Plug and Play Solar Inverter for Home

Plug and Play Solar Inverter for Home

1.480,00 $

Plug and Play Solar Inverter for Home

1.480,00 $

Connect solar panels to your home grid yourself in few minutes with this brand new Plug and Play Solar Inverter designed specifically for your home.
Solar panels: 1200W
Inverter: grid-tie

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With the brand new Plug and Play Solar Inverter you can connect solar panels to the home grid yourself. And in just few minutes your home will start producing 10.000W of solar energy per day.

Since the solar panels comes to your home with practical mounting brackets. They also connect to the inverter and the electricity grid via plug and play connectors. You don’t need a mechanic or an electrician. In fact, installing solar panels and connecting cables is extremely simple. First, choose an area of the house well exposed to the sun. Then fix the solar panels to the balcony or wall. Third, connect the solar panels included in the kit with the inverter in series.
Finally, connect the inverter to the electricity grid via the output plug which must be inserted into the nearest socket. This way you save a lot on your bill. Because during the day solar panels generate electricity for all your appliances such as your refrigerator, television, computer and lighting. And energy is taken from the grid only if your home’s consumption is higher than the energy produced by the solar panels.

Features of Plug and Play Solar Inverter

This solar kit consists of 2 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels of 600W each and a grid-connected solar inverter. This setup generates 10.000W of electricity per day. Of course, you can add more solar panels and expand the system for more energy production. But consider that all the energy produced by photovoltaic panels is fed into the home grid. Thus the refrigerator, lights and other equipment turned on during the day use the energy produced by the panels. This way you don’t consume electricity from the national grid and at the end of the month you will notice a significant saving on your bill. Installation and use of this solar kit is really simple. To make things even easier for you, we also provide the Wi-Fi module for remote control of production via app

How the Plug and Play Solar Inverter Works

A solar inverter converts the direct current produced by photovoltaic solar panels into alternating current. And this alternating current once it has the same frequency can be fed into your home’s grid. For this reason the inverters contain special circuits to match voltage, frequency and phase of the grid. The solar inverter is designed to be connected to the national grid. And it won’t work if it doesn’t detect the presence of the grid. In fact, when the grid is not detected, this inverter will not produce energy. This is to avoid islanding which can cause safety issues.

Benefits of Plug and Play Solar Inverter for Your Home

This solar system is as easy to install as a simple household appliance and offers numerous advantages. First of all, 1200W solar panels allow you to transform your apartment from a passive house to an active building. Since the Plug and Play Solar Inverter produces a good portion of the electricity your home consumes. Secondly it is a modular kit, you can start with 1200W and increase the power output later. You can size the solar system with new modules to cover all your daily consumption. Third you save a lot of money compared to traditional solar systems. You do not have costs such as installation labor and local permits and fees.
Because it is not necessary to ask for a permission to install this Plug and Play Solar Inverter. In fact the electrical company only sees your less consumption. Fourth you have quick and easy connectivity with plug & play connectors. You can also monitor the production and efficiency of the solar inverter via the app.


1200 Watt solar panels
Mounting rack for solar panels
Solar inverter
Cables with plug & play connectors


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