Scooter Racks for Schools for 6 E-Scooters

Scooter Racks for Schools to Secure 8 E-Scooters

390,00 $

Scooter Racks for Schools to Secure 8 E-Scooters

390,00 $

Scooter parking made easy with our Stylish Scooter Racks for Schools, Shopping Malls and Public Areas. It is modular and each module can hold 2 electric scooters.
Each set includes 4 modules to park 8 scooters.

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Parking scooters and electric scooters is easy with our Stylish Scooter Racks for Schools, shopping centers and public areas. Because with this brand new e-scooter racks you can design your scooter parking area as you see fit. In fact, the galvanized steel structure is self-supporting and modular and each module is made up of two scooter stands. With this solution, your architect can place a module in every free corner of your garden. Or arrange all the modules together to have 8 or more scooter racks in a row. As you can see, our scooter racks for schools is a unique and compact storage solution designed especially for scooters. Of course this fun and colorful innovation is also ideal for offices, shopping centers and public spaces. Because it rearranges sidewalks and public areas to create tidy parking spaces for all electric scooter models.

Improving Urban Mobility with Scooter Storage Stations

Our scooter racks offer secure parking for scooters and electric scooters, which have recently become very fashionable among young people. For this reason, scooter racks are particularly suitable for schools, shopping centers, parks and recreational areas. Scooter racks encourage young people and adults to lead active and healthy lifestyles by abandoning the car for commuting. And this brings them many health benefits and improves their physical and mental development. We firmly believe that the spread of scooter racks encourages the use of alternative mobility. In fact, the rider can store his e-scooter in the scooter racks and secure it by tying it with his own locking device.
If you want a different size of scooter racks, please contact our sales department.

Advantages of Electric Scooter Racks for Schools

Our Electric Scooter Racks for Schools offer many advantages. First, the racks encourage an increasing number of users to use scooters and promote sustainable mobility. Secondly, they are ideal for avoiding messy piles of e-scooters on school grounds. Third, moped racks encourage pupils to use their own e-scooters and avoid renting them, resulting in wild parking. Plus the free-standing galvanized steel roof rack is a sturdy construction that will give you many years of use. And the structure is also available in a wide range of colors to create a pleasant impact with the surrounding environment.


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