Electric Scooter Solar Charger & 200W Solar Panels

Electric Scooter Solar Charger & 200W Solar Panels

640,00 $ 599,00 $


Electric Scooter Solar Charger & 200W Solar Panels

640,00 $ 599,00 $

Charge your e-scooter wherever you are with the newest Electric Scooter Solar Charger, 200W portable solar panels with inverter to charge any electric scooter.
Solar Panels Output Power: 200 watts
Solar Inverter: MPPT controller / inverter with output voltage of 110V – 220V ac

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With the innovative portable electric scooter solar charger you can charge your e-scooter wherever you are, and for FREE! As these 200W foldable solar panels with built-in inverter can charge any electric scooter in 2 to 3 hours. So you can comfortably charge your electric scooter even when you venture into remote places. Just remember to put the solar charger in your backpack and you can travel without worrying about running out of power. From today it is also possible to reach areas where there is no possibility of finding an electrical outlet.

These solar panels are lightweight, compact, high efficiency and most importantly foldable for easy transportation. When you take your lunch break, wherever you are, just open the solar panels and point them towards the sun. Then connect the charger you usually use at home to the MPPT solar controller / inverter. This way you start charging your electric scooter. But unlike at home, you’re using clean, renewable, free energy. With a 1 hour break you can charge over 60% of the battery capacity. In addition to being very convenient to carry, it is also the only universal one. In fact, thanks to the inverter you can charge any type of electric scooter and other electronic devices.

Great Benefits for the Environment with the Electric Scooter Solar Charger

Charging your electric scooter with solar panels is fast, free and hassle-free. Furthermore, this solar charger is eco-friendly and economical as it uses 100% renewable and free energy. When in most metropolitan cities, electricity comes from polluting power plants that are extremely harmful to the environment. So using solar energy to charge your electric vehicles is the key to achieving zero emissions. And today full sustainability does not seem far off. In fact, technology evolves day after day and solar panels have become more efficient and costs have decreased. So what are you waiting for to put into practice behaviors that help reduce CO2? Buy a portable electric scooter solar charger now. You save on electricity bills, you can charge your e-scooter wherever you want and you’re good for the environment. Contact our team for advice.

200W Solar Panels Technical Specifications

Material: ETFE, EVA, ultra light carbon fiber, waterproof fabric case
Carbon fiber material, Ultra light, Multiinterface solar system
High efficiency:conversion rate up to 23%
Open Size: 2220 x 610 x 27 mm – 87.4 x 24 x 1 inch
Folded Size: 597 x 610 x 42 mm – 23.5 x 24 x 1.6 inch
Output Power: 200 W
Output Voltage: 110V – 220V ac (MPPT solar controller / inverter)
Weight: 6 Kg – 13 lb

200W Solar Panels for Charging Electric Scooter

What Are Portable Solar Panels

Both flexible and standard solar panels use photovoltaic materials to generate energy. However, standard solar panels are thicker and heavier due to the rigid structure and layers of glass. That’s why our engineers designed this Portable Electric Scooter Solar Charger with flexible solar panels. Because they are easier to use and more functional for mobile applications. Among the numerous advantages of flexible solar panels, we put lightness first. In fact, flexible solar panels weigh only 10% of standard solar panels. They are light enough and easy to install yourself without requiring a steel structure. If you want to charge your electric scooter on the go, the solar charger with flexible solar panels is the solution!

From Today You Can Charge Your Electric Scooter with Portable Solar Panels

Is it possible to charge an electric scooter with solar panels? The answer is yes, of course, you can charge just about any electronic device with solar energy. As long as you have enough solar radiation and a solar charger suitable for your battery capacity. So, to charge your electric scooter with solar energy, you first need to understand how much energy your battery requires. Since the battery capacity of electric scooters varies greatly depending on the motor power. Electric scooters on the market today require 200 Wh to 800 Wh of electricity. The first and easiest way to know your battery’s capacity is to read the label on the battery. Just multiply the volts by the output amps and you get the capacity expressed in Wh. Now you just have to see how many hours you can charge your vehicle with this Portable Electric Scooter Solar Charger.

This portable solar charger features 200W solar panels and a high-efficiency inverter. You can count on 160W of effective solar energy per hour. So with this solar charger you will be able to store 480 Wh in your e-scooter in just 3 hours of sunshine. But to be safe you must always consider some possible cloud. 480 Wh is more than enough power for most electric scooters on the market. But if your e-scooter has a larger battery capacity, leave it in the sun for another 2 hours. Or choose the electric motorcycle solar charger which is decidedly more powerful and can charge 2000Wh batteries in 3 hours.

Why Use a Portable Electric Scooter Solar Charger & Solar Panels

Be smart, always use solar energy whenever you can. Because you don’t pollute, you don’t make noise and above all you save a lot of money. These solar panels allow you to be smart even when riding out of town. In fact, you can charge your e-scooter wherever you are. With this 200W portable solar charger you have no range limits. It is perfect for charging any type of electric scooter battery, even those with a 1000W motor. You can recharge your electric scooter as if you were at home thanks to the solar energy easily thanks to plug and play connectors.


200W Portable solar panels
MPPT Solar controller inverter
Practice bag
Connectors and cable set

Ride the Future, Ride an Electric Scooter

Global mobility is turning into electric. Because electricity is not only zero emission mobility, it is also pure adrenaline for high speed lovers. So you can also have fun driving an electric scooter. In fact, after years and years of technical development by the main vehicle manufacturers, today we can ride very high performance electric scooters. An incredible level of performance and refinement unthinkable a few years ago. Above all, the electric motor offers 2 great advantages: unrivaled reliability and impressive acceleration.

Now, let’s move on to the well-known pains of electric vehicles. First, the price. In fact, electric scooters can seem very expensive compared to petrol ones. But the electric motor has no wearing parts and does not require expensive maintenance. Since maintenance only affects tires and brakes. Secondly, the petrol station is a distant memory and the cost of electricity is much lower than that of petrol. And if you use solar panels to charge the battery, the full tank is free.

Our engineers have developed a highly innovative electric scooter solar charger. In fact, it’s as small and easy to carry on any scooter when folded, as it is powerful when unfolded in the sun. And if you are not sure if you are buying the right solar charger, you can contact our staff.


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