Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger 6A

Bosch E-bike Solar Charger 6A Fast Charger

490,00 $

Bosch E-bike Solar Charger 6A Fast Charger

490,00 $

With the all new Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger you can charge the battery of your electric bike with the sun. All you need to do is power your 4A or 6A Bosch charger to the solar panels via the inverter.
Including: Support pole, 300 Watt flexible solar panels, 110V – 220V solar controller/inverter, plug and play connectors

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Go green by charging your electric bike battery with the brand new Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger. Since these 300W solar panels can power the classic Bosch charger but also the 6A fast charger. This way you can quickly charge your electric bike’s battery with solar energy. And in addition to the connector for your battery you also have 2 USB ports for further charging purposes. USB ports are useful for charging your phone, tablet, or anything else you want to charge. With this charger you too can benefit from solar energy which represents a clean and ecological source of energy. Solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, it is safe, does not release greenhouse gases and uses absolutely no other natural resources.

Solar energy is self-sufficient and the use of solar panels is a simple and safe path to contributing to a sustainable future. Starting by charging your e-bike is a great way to show that you care about the environment.

Why the Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger Is Different from the Common Bike Charger

In common bike chargers, the battery is connected to the solar panels via a solar charger. And you can adjust the charging voltage from 12 to 72 volts. You can charge virtually any type of electric scooter and bike battery except Bosch ones. This is because Bosch batteries have a unique protection system. For this reason some claim that it is not possible to charge the battery of a Bosch e-bike with solar energy. Only Bosch chargers are able to put the battery BMS into charging mode and enable the battery output.

This suggests that you cannot use a solar charger if you own a Bosch electric bike. In fact, these solar chargers can charge all types of e-bikes, but not your battery. Because the controller is not enabled by the battery. To overcome the problem of Bosch BMS, in addition to solar panels and controller, we also provide 110V – 220V inverter. This way you can connect your Bosch charger to the inverter instead of the home grid. So you too can power your e-bike with solar energy.

Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger Technical Specifications

Aluminum support pole
300 watts flexible solar panel
110V – 220V built-in solar controller / inverter for high efficiency
Plug and play connectors and cables
Clips and clamps included

Why Flexible Solar Panels

If you want to use solar panels, using the flexible versions is a quick and relatively cheap way to get up and running. In fact, flexible solar panels are very light and more functional for a variety of applications. Among the many advantages we highlight its lightness and portability. You can install your own solar panels in your garden in 5 minutes and start charging your e-bike during the week. But you can also take this solar charger in the car when you go camping and always have a power source with you.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Charge Your e-Bike

First of all, the sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy by definition. Day after day it is always there to provide solar energy to the Earth. Secondly, sunlight is an energy source that can be used anywhere on the planet. Because wherever you live, you receive sunlight to a greater or lesser extent. Thanks to the sun you can have energy even in places without infrastructure and connections to the grid. Thirdly, solar panels and increasingly efficient and reliable storage systems can be easily integrated with the electricity grid.

Fourth, solar energy compared to other energy sources is silent and therefore suitable for use in any environment. Fifth, PV solar panels do not require maintenance, but only some periodic cleaning. Sixth, solar systems are extremely versatile, and it allows us to create systems based on the needs of the area. From very small solar systems for domestic use to large power plants. Then solar energy is increasingly accessible and available to all.

Charge Your e-Bike for FREE by Powering the 4A – 6A Bosch Charger with Solar Panels

With this Bosch E-bike Solar Charger you can charge your e-bike battery for free! But also your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices. In addition to not polluting you save a lot of money by cutting your electricity bills. Because sunlight is 100% clean and renewable energy. This solar charger is a perfect product for environmentally conscious electric bike lovers. Our engineers have designed a practical solar system with advanced technology and high efficiency. It is also resistant to bad weather, rust and requires no maintenance. You assemble it in 5 minutes and it pays for itself in a few months thanks to the savings you have on your electricity bill. This Fast Charger is a mini power station created to charge your Bosch e-Bike. But it is fine for charging any other type of battery, both lithium and lead acid.


Support pole for solar panels
Solar panels
Solar controller / inverter
2 USB ports


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