Ride the future, go electric. E-motorcycles boast decidedly different characteristics from traditional motorcycles with internal combustion engines. But in addition to not polluting and making no noise, electric motorcycles guarantee very high efficiency compared to petrol-powered motorbikes. And in terms of performance, they’re not that far removed from fuel-powered motorcycles. Indeed, in some cases e-motorcycles are even superior. In fact, some high-end models are already capable of reaching speeds comparable to petrol-powered motorbikes. Besides of course having impressive acceleration when the green light goes out.

What You Need to Know about E-motorcycles

Most electric motorcycles have a range of around 200 km on a full charge. In fact, all manufacturers thought that users should charge their bikes at home overnight and use them the next day. So with this limited range, the typical use of e-motorcycles is for getting around the city. But lately, with the increase in battery performance, sporting and off-road use is also starting. A final consideration concerns driving in the rain. It is now a fact that there is no difference between petrol and electric motorcycles when it comes to riding in the rain. Indeed, in today’s e-motorcycles, the electrical components are adequately protected. So the only danger lies in the slippery asphalt and not in the vehicle.

Differences Between Petrol and E-motorcycles

Riding an electric motorbike is a unique experience, completely different from petrol motorbikes. The first difference is in the searing acceleration. In fact, acceleration is far greater than with petrol engines, as electric motorbikes deliver maximum torque and peak horsepower almost instantaneously. The second difference that can be noticed is the very low vibration of the engine and the absence of noise. On the one hand you have a strange sensation but the advantage is that you can hear the sounds of the world around you better. The third difference is in the low maintenance costs. E-motorcycles, in fact, have much fewer components, but still require a minimum of maintenance. Among the maintenance work to be done we mention the drive belt, the brake pads, the tires. And for the more experienced mechanics, even the calibration of the controller.
The last but most important benefit is that you can go anywhere at no cost. Yes, you read that correctly. If you use a solar charging staticharge your battery, refueling is free!

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