Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart Serving Champagne & Prosecco

Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart for Champagne Bar

2.690,00 $

Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart for Champagne Bar

2.690,00 $

Serve Prosecco and Champagne with your stylish Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart. A fully self contained and well stocked wine bar to bring a luxurious and memorable party wherever you are.

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Serve Prosecco and Champagne elegantly with the brand new Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart. Our rounded mobile cart on wheels can be used as a standalone cart or joined with others to form a semi-circle. So you can serve a wide range of beers, ciders, liqueurs and cocktails in addition to glasses of Prosecco. If you are looking to create a distinctive bar in your venue, it is worth trying the Mobile Prosecco Bar. In fact it is a very practical and flexible cart on wheels that combines many qualities. First of all for its captivating design it always stands out even in events or fairs in large open spaces. Secondly, the compactness makes it an ideal mobile bar for events in very small spaces. Moreover, the ice buckets and the sink with running water are very useful if you also want to serve cocktails.
In short, the Prosecco Bar is ideal for adding a touch of style to weddings, ceremonies and any other event.

Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart Users and Uses

Italy is known all over the world for its elegance, style, good food and excellent wines. Starting from this, our team in collaboration with sommeliers, chefs and architects decided to develop the Prosecco Mobile Bar Cart. In fact, the idea was to build a mobile cart to bring a bit of Italian lifestyle to different contexts. In addition to improving the look of a classic restaurant, it is ideal for enhancing and making any environment unique. From airports to resorts, from shopping centers to fairs, every location will become more beautiful with the Prosecco Bar. This mobile cart is ideal for creating an elegant and welcoming environment where guests can enjoy a glass of Prosecco paired with typical appetizers.

Features and Equipment of the Mobile Prosecco Cart on Wheels

Cool box: The Mobile Prosecco Cart features an insulated icebox to keep bottles of Prosecco and Champagne cold for a few hours.
Stainless steel finishing: The cart is made of stainless steel.
Running water system: The water sink with tap and 2 tanks (for drinking water and waste water) allow you to operate even in locations without water.
Umbrella: The matching umbrella gives your mobile cart on wheels that extra touch of elegance.
Prosecco mobile cart size (LWH): 1000x700x1000 mm – 39.3×27.5×39.3 inch.

Mobile Champagne Bar Cart on Wheels

Why Choose Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart

The Mobile Prosecco Bar Cart is exactly what it sounds like. A fully self contained and well stocked wine bar to bring a luxurious and memorable party wherever you are. This is especially important if your party is taking place in an unsuitable location for events. So if you choose a beach or a park for your wedding, you must have a great mobile bar cart. Practical and well equipped as well as beautiful. That’s why when developing this mobile bar cart, our team focused on the importance of delivering a successful bar service. So your events go great, enthusiastic guests have a good time and you are relaxed as you serve the glasses of wine. And among so many wines, the choice to serve Prosecco is a winning one.
Prosecco is a sparkling wine produced in a region of northern Italy that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prosecco is enjoying great success all over the world, and your guests will surely like it. Or you can make a great impression by serving Champagne.

What is Included in Mobile Champagne Cart

Mobile bar cart on wheels
Ice buckets
Stainless steel worktop
Running water system with tank, sink, and tap

Add-ons for Mobile Champagne Cart and Custom Design

Removable towing bar for bike.
We can customize the Prosecco mobile bar for sale with the color of your choice and with your logo. Our staff is ready to help you build your successful Prosecco and Champagne bar business. All of our mobile carts on wheels are custom made in our factory and delivered worldwide. Contact us to find a solution that can satisfy your business.


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