Solar Mobile Phone Charging Station

Solar Phone Charging Station

580,00 $

Solar Phone Charging Station

580,00 $

This Solar Phone Charging Station is a must for every Smart City. In fact, it is the best mobile charging solution, enough to charge 10 mobile phones for free using solar energy.
Solar Panels: 160 W SunPower flexible solar panels
Charging Port: 10 rapid-charge USB ports (USB-A and USB-C)

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This brand new Solar Phone Charging Station offers the possibility to charge 10 mobile phones for free using solar energy. It is the most versatile mobile charging solution on the market today. Because large solar panels provide enough electricity to power its 10 USB ports and to charge the backup battery. Plus the sleek design makes it a natural addition to existing seating arrangements in parks or waterfronts. Another big advantage is that each station is an independent unit which does not need foundations. So it’s perfect for hiking trails, stadium entrances, parks, transportation hubs, outdoor commercial spaces, marinas, or just about anywhere.
In fact, our designers have studied an elegant mobile charging station, easy to position in any outdoor environment. Besides of course being very easy to use. A mix of style and functionality that delivers clean, safe power to any mobile device to keep visitors fully charged. So users can lean back comfortably on the handy 500 mm (20 inch) table and check email while charging.

Solar Phone Charging Station Uses

This innovative Phone Charging Station is a must have for any Smart City. Indeed, thanks to its adjustable solar panels, it can supply enough electricity to charge 10 cell phones at a time. But it is a must have for any store that wants to offer a service of great added value to its customers. Because mobile is today the most used device all over the world but sometimes the battery runs out too fast. Despite the efforts of the manufacturers to improve battery power, battery life is often not enough. So what could be better than finding a charging station while stopping for shopping in a store?
The Solar Smart Phone Charging Station can be placed in any sunny outdoor space. From squares to public green areas, from shopping centers to the seafront. The structure is foldable, in aluminum and steel, solid, robust, resistant to atmospheric agents and does not require maintenance. It can also integrate a Wi-Fi hot spot system to meet the needs of tourists looking for an internet connection.

Mobile Charging Station Features

Stainless steel pole with choice of colors
Adjustable 160 W flexible SunPower solar panels
Solar controller
LiFePO4 battery to charge phones at night or when it’s cloudy
10 USB rapid charge ports capable of charging 10 devices simultaneously
Wi-Fi hotspot (optional)
Wet and over-temperature protection
Water resistant enclosure
Theft-resistant mounting with steel security screws
Pre-drilled base for installation with anchor bolts (optional)

Why Install a Solar Mobile Phone Charging Station in Your City

Among the innumerable reasons for installing a state-of-the-art solar energy charging station, the purchase price benefit ratio stands out.
First, let’s remember that solar panels transform renewable energy into clean and free energy for phones and mobile devices. Secondly, the configuration can be temporary or permanent, it is simple and fast for 1 person and does not require foundations and cables. Thirdly we mention that a customized charging station identifies your brand as innovative and focused on user comfort. Fourth these innovative solar-powered stations eliminate the need for an electrical power supply. Fifth charges up to 10 devices, including iPhones and Androids, simultaneously, at the same speed as the socket at home. In sixth place let’s say that it works day or night. In fact, a lithium battery keeps the station ready to energize the crowd even when the sun isn’t shining. Next we point out that it’s specifically designed to withstand the elements: it stands up to rain, wind, heat and cold. Last but not least the ridiculous price for such an avant-garde design object.

Great Advertising Potential for the Solar Charging Station

The solar phone charging station has great potential for advertising campaigns. In fact, if you add a standard billboard or an LCD screen to the structure, you will have great visibility. Furthermore, advertising messages will be very effective since the brand is associated with something useful and environmentally friendly. Because users read the announcement while they are waiting for their mobile phone to recharge. They will thus associate the brand with the useful service they are using. Ideal for Shopping centers, Parks, Outdoor entertainment venues, Sports facilities, College campuses and more.


Solar panels
Pole stand with base
Solar controller
LiFePO4 back-up battery
10 USB rapid charging ports


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