Solar Bicycle Shed for Your Electric Bike Fleet

Solar Bicycle Shed to Charge Your Electric Bike Fleet

2.490,00 $

Solar Bicycle Shed to Charge Your Electric Bike Fleet

2.490,00 $

With this innovative Solar Bicycle Shed you can charge your electric bike fleet for free for the next 25 years! A superb metal bike shed that ensures maximum security and green solar energy, all in one.

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Charge your electric bike fleet for free with the new Solar Bicycle Shed.

A superb lockable metal bike rack that ensures maximum security and green solar energy, all in one place. If you manage a fleet of electric bicycles, this innovative Solar Bicycle Shed is specially designed for you. This bicycle shed is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and includes a smart solar charging station for electric bicycles. It’s sturdy, rustproof, weatherproof and will charge your e-bikes for the next 25 years.
The bike rack is tailored to store both electric city bikes and electric mountain bikes. A steel locking cable with electronic lock is attached to each bike mount to chain each individual e-bike. Each bike stand is also equipped with an electric cable with a universal socket that supplies power from 24 to 72 volts. This is for charging e-bikes while they are parked.

Technical Specifications of the Solar Bicycle Shed

Frame: Durable galvanized steel frame
Stands: 4 stands for electric bicycles with locks
Solar panels: 1120 Watts (4 x 280 W)
Solar charger
USB sockets: 6 x 5 V (cell phone charging)
Electric bike charger: 6 universal 24 – 36 – 48 – 52 – 60 – 72 V sockets automatically detected

Environmentally Friendly and Beautifully Designed Solar Shed for Charging Electric Bicycles

Our solar shed allows you to park 4 bicycles comfortably and safely. It also captures sunlight and transforms it into electricity to charge the batteries of electric bicycles. 100% renewable, healthy and intelligent energy. If you have a larger fleet of 4 bicycles, you just need to place more sheds side by side to have a bigger station. is a modular system that is easy to assemble and use. Each unit consists of 1120 watts of solar panels that convert the solar radiation in electric charge. The photovoltaic panels directly power the batteries of parked bicycles. When these are charged, the electricity can be used to recharge the storage battery (optional). The battery will charge the e-bikes at night and illuminate the charging station. It is an ecological solution, with an attractive design and very easy to install.

Why Charge Your Electric Bikes with the Solar Bicycle Shed

Weatherproof, rustproof and maintenance-free
Advanced technology and stable function
High efficiency and high stability
Long service life, more than 25 years
Color: any color is available
Energy: 100% renewable solar panels
Power station: exclusive charging system for electric bikes and mobile phones
Bike Charger: automatic selection of the voltage in the sockets from 24 to 72 volts
Flexible: easy-to-assemble modular system for 4 to 40 bicycles
Installation: ground preparation and assembly are the responsibility of the customer
Advertising: place for billboards


Bike shed
4 bike stands
Solar panels
Solar controller and 4 bike chargers


The Solar Bike Shed is a small independent power plant developed to charge electric bikes. Stand out from the competition. The solar shed not only helps to generate electricity, but it will make you recognized as a friend of the environment. This solar shed can help to support your environmental credentials reducing your carbon footprint. You will reduce your utility bills by generating your own power for free. This solar power station can be installed 100% off grid, or coupled with your local electricity grid. In this case, the excess power will be sold back to the public utility to save your bill.


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