E-Bikes Are the Future of Urban Mobility

We strongly believe that E-Bikes are the Future of Urban Mobility together with the spread of solar charging stations. And fortunately we are not the only ones, given the offer of e-bikes and electric scooters on the market.

Plus all car manufacturers are launching innovative electric vehicles specially designed to improve the mobility of people and goods. Hence climate change and government regulations to reduce carbon emissions are driving the need for sustainable urban mobility. Among the various solutions, electric bikes are today the most promising solution to increase efficiency in urban mobility. First of all e-bikes are faster than a conventional bicycle and go uphill with minimal effort. The second reason concerns the travel times in the city.
All studies agree that most of the daily commute takes place in crowded cities and covers less than 10 km (6 miles). And it has been seen that in chaotic traffic the average speed of a car is only 20 – 25 km/h (12 – 15 mph). So the e-bike is the fastest transport system for the daily commute. This is why many urban planners are convinced that e-bikes are the future of urban mobility. Because e-bikes save you time in the traffic, and you don’t have to waste time looking for a parking space for your car.

The Urban Mobility of the Future is Already Here

Today we can see different types of electric vehicles in our cities, from electric mini scooters to plug-in luxury cars. Electric mobility is therefore revolutionizing the way we get to know cities. In fact we are seeing a great growth of electric cars from Asia to Europe, as well as America. And this is great for the quality of the air we breathe in the city. But the further step forward is given by the replacement of the car with lighter vehicles such as e-bikes. Because only a huge growth of electric bikes and scooters is the key to reducing urban traffic as well as pollution. And to support the most environmentally friendly urban mobility system, Azure Bikes has developed several products and services. From luxury electric scooters to cargo bikes, from e-bikes with satellite tracking to solar powered charging stations.
Explore our large collection of e-bikes and e-scooters to see what matches your tastes and needs. We especially push e-bikes because we are convinced that they are the ideal means of transport for urban mobility. And, of course, the spread of solar charging stations for electric bikes makes them even more sustainable for the environment.

E-Bike for Luxury Urban Mobility

Discover E-Bikes for Luxury Urban Mobility

The Electric Bike Saba is the latest luxury trend. Indeed the bike combines the best of the electric bike industry with a classic vintage style design. Obviously this exclusive bike is not meant for the masses, but for elegant and sophisticated women who set trends.
Forget Tesla and electric cars. E-bikes are the future of urban mobility and Saba is the trendy option for those who love to pedal in style. In fact, in recent years there has been a growing awareness of maintaining healthy lifestyles and abandoning a sedentary lifestyle. And what’s better than e-bikes to solve the problem of traffic, pollution, and at the same time get some movement? So many have found that the best way to avoid traffic and get daily exercise is to cycle to work. In fact, pedaling reduces the stress of traffic and once you get to work you don’t waste time looking for a parking space. So with your new e-bike rush hour and crowded public transport will be a thing of the past!

Beach Cruiser E-Bikes

Enjoy a Relaxed Ride with Vintage Charm on Beach Cruiser E-Bikes

A beach cruiser is characterized by its simple, fun and extravagant design. And because of its simplicity, it became popular as an easy and inexpensive means of transportation during the Great Depression. The cruiser bike was so popular among teenagers in the 1950s that it became the symbol of America. But with the advent of lighter and faster racing bikes and mountain bikes, the old cruisers have lost their appeal. In fact, on a cruiser bicycle the cyclist has a vertical position which favors comfort over everything else. Also, the wide handlebars, coaster brake and large balloon tires allow for a smooth ride but don’t allow for high speeds.
Today, beach cruiser bikes thanks to some modifications are popular again. As the addition of disc brakes and pedal-assist electric motors made the cruiser a fast bike as well as a comfortable one. So with a Beach Cruiser you can enjoy a relaxed ride with vintage charm both in the neighborhood and at the beach.

Off Road Electric Bike of the Future

Fat E-Bikes as a New Status Symbol of Urban Mobility

Where many fat e-bikes are only designed for snow and sand, the Fat Bike Bawal is perfect for any situation. Indeed it tears up any trail, climbs mountains with ease, and looks great when you’re out on the town.
Are you a lover of adventure and off-road? Do you think e-bikes are the future of urban mobility? This electric bike is what makes you, even for daily commutes. Because riding this fat tire electric bike offers so many emotions. Moreover it is ecological, it does not emit emissions and it does not make noise. With this e-bike you learn that using clean and efficient electric vehicles improves the quality of your life. Besides of course the fact that it saves you time and money and helps the environment. Of course we are not crazy enough not to know that some trips can only be done by car. But we are convinced that in the near future most people will use an electric bike for their urban mobility.

E-Bikes Are Good for the Environment and for You Too

Today each of us spends an hour a day five days a week driving the car to work. Then we waste more precious minutes looking for a parking space. And that’s because most people drive to work in their own car. So we all see all the cars on the road with only one person on board! Currently, over 70% of short-distance urban journeys are made by car. The rest by public transport or by bicycle or motorbike. Well, the sustainable mobility of the future consists in reversing this proportion. And we try to do our part to change urban mobility for the better. In fact, we encourage people to drive less and pedal more by producing ever better performing e-bikes.
Start cycling and change your busy lifestyle today! You will discover many unexpected benefits of using e-bikes. Chief among them is exercising outdoors, which is a great form of stress relief and boosts your happiness levels. Secondly, the use of e-bikes improves your sense of balance and gives you a new perspective. Third you get to see new places you usually would never go by car. Additionally, e-bike rides offer many new opportunities for social interaction. And not least the economic aspect. You will save so much money that you can go on vacation every weekend. So when walking might not be an option, experience the health and convenience benefits of e-bikes. Because effortless pedaling on e-bikes is so much better than driving during rush hour!

Urban E-Scooter of the Future

How E-Bikes and E-Scooters Will Transform Cities in the Near Future

Another valid alternative to the car is given by e-scooters, especially for the last mile of travel. They are in fact very compact and light electric vehicles, pleasant to drive and easy to use. In short an electric scooter is a small moped with a built-in electric motor used for propulsion. Thanks to its small size and low speed you can ride your e-scooter without a license. So for these characteristics the e-scooter quickly became popular among both young people and adults. And it is recognized by all as the right urban vehicle for the future of micro mobility. Because they are compact, easy to handle, versatile, very reliable and above all do not require maintenance. Also, electric scooters are classified as bikes so you can use them on cycle paths, on the street and on sidewalks.

Cargo E-Bikes

Best-Selling Cargo E-Bikes for Last Mile Urban Mobility

Already very popular in bike-friendly European cities, cargo e-bikes are becoming popular in almost every country. Indeed, although cargo bikes were designed to transport goods, they are now also used to transport children or dogs. So environmentally conscious families have realized that cargo e-bikes are great for commuting. They are perfect for both transporting children to school and for shopping, and are replacing petrol-driven cars. In short, in many countries the cargo bike is considered a very ecological means and the best for urban mobility. While e-bikes are the future of urban mobility, cargo bikes are the smart choice for last mile deliveries. Because the well-designed reinforced frame coupled with a powerful electric motor allows you to carry up to 200 kg (440 lbs).real load. Plus, with the large basket you have room for groceries, a dog or 2 passengers.

Why Add Cargo E-Bikes to Your Fleet of Urban Delivery Vehicles

If you’re in the delivery business, you’re definitely thinking about adding some cargo e-bikes to your fleet. Because electric cargo bikes customized with your company logo are the right solution for last mile logistics. In fact, cargo bikes help your staff make punctual deliveries in central areas of the city. Among the many advantages of a cargo bike, we underline that the bellboy does not have to waste time looking for a parking space. Or worse, leave the truck in a parking lot away from the house where the package is to be delivered. Moreover, with the GPS device installed on the cargo e-bikes, you can know the exact position of each bike. So you can organize the movement of each bike according to the customer’s needs and also manage last minute collections.
You will quickly realize how productive the cargo bike fleet is. Since it is the cheapest and most flexible delivery system for urban micro mobility.

Associate Your Brand with the Improvement of the Environment

Electric cargo bikes help parcel delivery companies reduce their environmental impact. As all urban deliveries you have done in the past with polluting trucks can be done with eco friendly e-bikes. And all the people will see the zero-emission e-bikes with your logo passing through the city. So everyone appreciates your company’s commitment to the environment and will associate your brand with something positive. What are you waiting for to customize your electric cargo bikes?
Keep in mind that e-bikes can be easily branded with custom artwork. So your fleet will be very attractive and unique. This is why several urban couriers and food delivery business owners are purchasing cargo e-bikes for city deliveries. Among the largest European companies we mention DHL and IKEA. They are replacing their trucks with cargo e-bikes to improve their logistics while saving time and money. Cargo e-bikes are the future of urban mobility, they reduce traffic and improve the environment.

Smart Solutions for the Urban Mobility of the Future

Innovation and lower prices have brought electric vehicles to the mass market. These improvements will continue over time and to ensure the widespread diffusion of electric mobility, there must also be an increase in the infrastructures and services for these vehicles. We develop safe and sustainable solutions to contribute to the spread of electric vehicles. We provide a complete range of products and services that address all aspects of E-mobility, light electric vehicles, batteries, solar charging stations, GPS tracking system for company fleet management. Our experts have developed innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the highest levels of quality and safety.
Azure Bikes solutions cover all types of vehicles: from e-scooters to commercial cargo vehicles. Our experience at your service to advise you on the best solutions to facilitate the transition from mobility based on petrol cars to those based on light electric vehicles. Sustainable urban mobility starts with e-bikes and continues by installing a solar electric bikes charging station to generate energy to charge the battery and be truly environmentally friendly.

Rules & Restrictions for E-Bikes

In Europe and the United States, electric bikes are classified as standard bicycles. So you can use it anywhere and however you can use a bicycle, no license, license plate or insurance is required. But there is a difference in what an electric bicycle is.

EU Road Law

In Europe, only PAS e-bkes are classified as bicycles so that you can ride on cycle paths, on the road and even on pavements. For other markets we can supply an electric throttle to power the motor, which means pedaling is not required. The PAS pedal assist system is a power on demand system guided by your pedaling. It means that the electric motor works in tandem with the rider’s pedaling, it is activated only in response to the rider’s pedaling. In all European countries, electric bikes must meet the following specifications:

  • Max motor power 250 W
  • The motor should only be activated by pedaling (PAS)
  • The engine must stop running at 25 Km/h
United States Road Law

Current legislation on electric bicycles such as conventional bicycles if the maximum speed is less than 35 Km/h. We encourage you to check the authority for accurate information. Each local municipality has different regulations for electric bicycles, including whether they can ride on roads, cycle paths and sidewalks:

  • California and Washington law: Electric bicycles can be powered by a 750W / 20 mph power system. No driving license, license plate or insurance is required, but you must be at least 16 years old and wear a standard bicycle helmet.
  • Florida law: Any motorized bicycle powered by a combination of human force and an electric motor capable of propelling the vehicle at speeds not exceeding 20 mph is recognized as a bicycle although equipped with two front or two rear wheels. No person under the age of 16 may use or ride a motorized bicycle.
  • Illinois law: The speed limit for electric bicycles is 25 miles per hour.
  • Canada law: Regulations require adults not to need anything, but everyone must wear a bike helmet, children must be over 14.
  • For other states, check the laws of your state before driving.