Off-Grid Solar EV Charger for Your Home

Off-Grid Solar EV Charger for Your Home

2.900,00 $ 2.780,00 $


Off-Grid Solar EV Charger for Your Home

2.900,00 $ 2.780,00 $

Charge your electric car or bicycle using free, clean solar energy with our Off-Grid EV Solar Charger. An easy to install free-standing solar canopy designed especially for your home.
Solar Panels Power: 1800 watts

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Charge your electric car using clean solar energy with our Off-Grid Solar EV Charger designed especially for your home!

Since with the brand new self-supporting solar canopy you will maximize your energy efficiency and your savings. In addition to costs, you also save space and hassle. Obviously the first benefit of the solar charger is that you can charge your EV for free from the sun. Second, off-grid EV charging features save you thousands of dollars in further electrical work, installation and permitting. Not to mention the hassle of waiting for a response from local authorities and complaints from neighbors. Thirdly, our Off-Grid EV Charger is self-supporting and requires no foundation. This also makes it ideal for temporary and semi-permanent EV charging installations. Then the photovoltaic solar charger is the right choice to reduce your carbon footprint.
Whether you already own an EV or own one in the future, the solar charger is the right choice. Because charging your electric vehicle with solar energy ensures that your drive is economical and sustainable.

Off-Grid Solar EV Charger Features

Body Materials: Steel and aluminum
Size (LWH): 4000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 157.4 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: 110V – 220V AC outlet
Solar Panels Power: 1800 W
Solar Controller: Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Waterproof Protection: IP44 rated unit

Why Use Off-Grid Solar EV Charger for Your Home

  • Be smart and be ready for the future: With this brand new solar EV charger you can easily prepare your home for the future. In fact, you can charge your EV without foundation work and without connections to the electricity grid.
  • Great savings: Save space, cost and hassle with with our free-standing, off-grid EV charger with built-in inverter.
  • Be energy efficient: Our EV charger gives you the option to charge your car for free from the sun.
  • Environmental-friendly: The solar EV charger can help to support your environmental credentials reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Easy installation: All connectors are plug and play.
  • Free maintenance.


Steel and aluminum structure
Solar panels
Solar controller and inverter
Cable for solar panels
Backup battery (Optional)

What Is a Solar Charger

The Home Solar Charging System is an independent mini power station designed to generate electricity for your electric vehicles. As well as charging your car. it can power your basic needs such as lighting, TV, notebook, refrigerator, ceiling fan. The Solar EV Charger can be coupled with local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off-grid. The power system grid tied is connected to the grid utility through an inverter that convert the current generated by the PV panels into 110 – 220 V AC current for use in your home. Excess power will be sold back to the public utility to save your bill. If your national grid isn’t reliable and the event of outages is not uncommon, we can supply also a battery for back-up.
During the day the solar panels will charge EV batteries and the excess power will recharge the back-up battery that will become a source of emergency power during blackouts. During the night you will use power from the grid and only in the event of grid blackouts, the power station will switch to off-grid mode drawing power stored in your battery to power your home.


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