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Go mobile the smart way with the all-new Coffee Bikes. Because our mobile coffee carts are real coffee shops, just on wheels! In fact, we have designed a new category of cargo bikes specifically designed to serve coffee and drinks on the go. And although our designers were inspired by the old ice cream cart, our coffee bikes have very innovative technical solutions. Starting from the electric motor which facilitates the movement. So you can quickly move from one place to another where potential customers are. And to follow the solar panels which, in addition to charging the battery, power the refrigerator and other appliances. In fact, our mobile coffee bikes are truly environmentally friendly. They do not emit polluting gases when you move or when you serve food or coffee. Solar energy is renewable and free.

Professional Catering with Our Mobile Coffee Bikes

Mobile Coffee Bikes are the ideal choice for twenty-something boys or girls to combine passion and work. But it can be interesting for those who want to start their own business without large investments. Or it could be the additional business for smart people who are currently involved in the food and beverage industry. Since in addition to the very low initial investment, there are no fixed costs of a traditional coffee bar. Of course the street food industry is the main use. But our elegant coffee bike is also ideal for livening up weddings and events.

Customize your Coffee Bike

Just add the right equipment to serve the food and drinks of your choice. In fact, you can install everything from the espresso machine to the ice cream machine, from the juicer to the pizza oven. So find the right coffee cart for your needs and start earning. You can opt for the classic ice cream bike or for the brand new Spritz on the Beach. It is an elegant floating tricycle with a cocktail bar station for serving drinks on the beach. And keep in mind that all of our coffee bikes can easily be branded with custom graphics. So your mobile bar is unique and very eye-catching.

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