Electric Adventure Motorcycle ADV 45

Electric Adventure Motorcycle ADV 45

6.880,00 $

Electric Adventure Motorcycle ADV 45

6.880,00 $

Experience a real adventure with ADV 45, the brand new Electric Adventure Motorcycle built to go the distance like a touring motorcycle or off-road like a dirt bike.
Motor Power: 12 KW

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Open up a world of adventure, with the brand new Electric Adventure Motorcycle built to go the distance. Currently adventure bike also known as ADV motorcycle is the hottest segment in motorcycling. Because it is a very versatile motorcycle that can be ridden long distances as a touring bike or off-road as a motocross bike. So you can roam confidently even on dirt roads to reach destinations far beyond the reach of typical road bikes. However long the highway ride, however epic the off-road ride, our Electric Motorcycle is ready to go anywhere and tackle anything. As this motorcycle allows you to live every moment and face every journey with confidence. Indeed it is a state-of-the-art adventure motorcycle with great driving ergonomics and agile in all situations. and the big news, of course, is that the ADV is all-electric.

Is the World Ready for an Electric Adventure Motorcycle?

If you’ve never ridden an electric motorcycle before, you’ll appreciate how different it is from riding a gasoline-powered motorcycle. You will first notice the blistering acceleration, then the ease of driving and last but not least the silence. If you’ve never tried the electric motorbike, you really need it, and there’s no reason to put it off. As today there are many types of electric motorcycles to enjoy, from street bikes to extreme off-road. And each has its merits. But if you want a very flexible motorcycle that can handle all terrains, ADV is the bike for you. An exciting electric motorcycle designed to offer great handling and comfort for all-day riding and the ultimate off-road adventure. If you’re not convinced, here are good reasons everyone should give it a try.

Electric Adventure Motorcycle Technical Specifications

Frame material: steel pipe
Shell material: ABS plastics
Seat Material: PVP leather
Front shock absorption: upside down shock absorbers
Rear suspension: adjustable shock absorbers
Brake with CBS: front and rear disc brakes
Driving: 520 chain drive
Shift: stepless speed change (CVT)
Tire size: front 90/90 – 19 and rear 4.60 – 18 tire
Weight: 115 Kg (253 lb)
Start: key start
Speedmeter: LCD digital
Headlight: LED light
Size: 2180 × 860 × 1180 mm (86 x 33.8 x 46.5 inch)
Seat height: 880 mm (34.6 inch)
Minimum ground clearance: 340 mm (13.4 inch)
Wheelbase: 1382 mm (54.4 inch)
Waterproof standard: IP54 for body – IP67 for electric system

Power Unit

Motor: 72 volts brushless DC permanent magnet motor
Maximum Power: 12 KW (Rate 4 KW)
Power: 350 Nm
Maximum Speed:120 Km/h (74.56 mph)
Endurance: 150 Km (93 miles)
Gradeability: 35°
Transmission ratio: 2.2:1 with brake energy regeneration
Controller: intelligent vector sine wave
Battery capacity: 72 V – 58 Ah removable lithium battery (A-class cells, more than 1000 cycles)
Battery weight: 22 Kg
Charger: on board 12 A (110 / 220 ac)
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Electric system: Waterproof standard IP54 for body, IP67 for electric

Electric Adventure Motorcycle Add-Ons

2 units alloy customized side cases (470 $)
1 unit customized alloy rear case (380 $)

Experience a Real Adventure with ADV 45

There is no better way to spend Sunday riding your bike discovering villages that can only be reached by dirt roads. Or ride in the middle of a forest with your friends. Most of the cities on the map can be reached via smooth paved roads. And it’s true that if you want to visit your loved one or friend as fast as possible, then that nice paved road is your best bet. But traveling is different, an adventure isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey itself.
When you start driving off-road you realize there is a world that road users will simply never see. So each stage of your journey is an adventure and a discovery. And when you reach your destination, wherever it is, you’ll realize you already have a story to tell. Because the sights and sounds you absorb are more often than not much more interesting than the destination itself. Getting outdoors and getting your heart rate up by doing something you enjoy is a great way to get fit. Because controlling a bike as it weaves and slides is a workout for the whole body. Also if you can handle a motorbike on a motocross track you will definitely know it everyday on asphalt roads.

Advantages of ADV 45 Electric Motorbike

An electric motorbike has numerous advantages, among them the fact that it is much easier to use than a petrol motorbike. Then you have to consider that you have minimal maintenance, without ever thinking about changing oil and filters. Furthermore, the cost of fuel is very low, less than 1 $ of electricity per 100 km (62 miles). And it can be free if you use a solar charging station to charge your battery.


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