Electric Water Bike with Pedal Assist Motor

Electric Water Bike with Pedal Assist Motor

3.980,00 $

Electric Water Bike with Pedal Assist Motor

3.980,00 $

Have fun in the sun and ride on the water like an electric bike with the all-new Electric Water Bike powered by a pedal-assist motor.
Motor power: 500 W
Battery: 48V – 10Ah
Waterproof: IP67 level

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With the Electric Water Bike powered by a pedal-assist motor, you can pedal on the water like an electric bike. Because this water bike is a real e-bike mounted on two inflatable floats and capable of cycling on the water. So you can have fun in the sun ranning on the water with the motor or exercise by setting the pedal-assist mode. It’s very simple and intuitive. Whether you want to pedal fast to maximize your workout or glide calmly across the water without pedaling. In fact, with electric water bikes, the speed and physical effort depend both on your pedaling and on the level of assistance you choose. So the effort can be maximum if you set the engine to idle or none if you use the accelerator.

Furthermore, the water bike is the ideal boat for discovering lakes and rivers while respecting nature. It is easy to handle, silent and does not pollute. For this reason many tourism companies organize moorland visits within national parks with these bicycles. In fact they are not harmful to the flora and fauna of the area. Cycling on the water in these areas is a unique cycling experience. You feel, see and smell the water. As well as a beautiful and unique view of the landscape and animals in their natural habitat.

Electric Water Bike Features

The Electric Water Bike is a small catamaran made with 2 inflatable PVC floats measuring 3200x380x150 mm (126x15x6 inch). These inflatables come with quick release clamps to secure the bike frame and propulsion system. Quick release clamps allow you to easily assemble and disassemble the electric water bike in less than 10 minutes. Naturally, all parts of the frame are made of anti-corrosion 6061 aluminum alloy to resist over time. And the transmission system from the pedals to the propeller is also built with anti-corrosion materials. In fact, the gears are made of 316 stainless steel, very rigid and stable. While the classic bicycle drive chain has been replaced with a belt of the same type used in car engines. The electric motor and battery are waterproof and can even be used in salt water.

Technical Specifications of the Pedal Assist Electric Motor

Propeller: aluminum alloy
Motor Brand: Bafang
Motor Power: 500 W
Max Torque: 100 Nm
Speed: 15 km/h (9.3 miles per hour)
Controller: pedal assist system with pedal sensor speed
Gears: 9 speed
Battery: 48V – 10Ah
Battery life on a single charge: 2 – 3 hours (it varies based on weather conditions and selected riding modes)
Water Proof: IP67 level

Water Bike Add-Ons

Water Bike for Fun and Fitness

The Electric Water Bike is a simple and fun healthy toy. We took an electric bicycle, removed the wheels, added 2 floats and the propeller. If you are a lover of conventional bikes you will no longer be able to do without a water bike. Because it is not only a toy for spending happy family moments in the open air, but also an exercise tool. In fact, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature by exercising all the muscles of your legs. And with the electric motor you can give yourself the thrill of speed by regulating the intensity of the pedal assistance.

The development of a bicycle for moving in water dates back to the late 1800s. The name used at the time was water velocipede. The mechanism was similar to that of a bicycle, consisting of a crank with pedals and a toothed crown But here the power is transmitted to the water via a propeller instead of the rear wheel. While buoyancy was ensured by two wooden pontoons.

Ride a Premium Pedal Assist Water Bike

This water bike is very durable and versatile and built to make your free time fun and worry-free. First let’s talk about the chassis. The electric water bike is made of 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy frame. It is very durable and supports up to 120 Kg (170 lbs). Secondly, the assembly and disassembly operations of the electric water bike are extremely simple and fast. This allows you to make the most of your free time and spend the entire day on the water.

In fact, the modular design of this water bike allows you to go from land to water in less than 10 minutes. Once you get to the lake or river, you put the various parts of the bike together and start having fun. Third, the electric water bike is easily transportable. You can transport it on a bike rack mounted on the roof of your car or in the trunk. Fourth, the water bike takes up very little space and is therefore easy to store at home.

Water Bike Parts

What is Included in Electric Water Bike

The package is divided into two boxes. The first box includes the skeleton of the jet ski, the two inflatable floats, the electric motor and the propeller. The second box includes the battery, pump and repair tools

Electric Water Bike Add-Ons

Flexible solar panels with controller to charge the battery with solar energy
Comfortable mat to carry your partner or children

The Rapid Spread of Inflatable Water Bikes

In recent years, water sports have become increasingly trendy and also more accessible. There are many factors that have pushed in this direction. First of all, the desire to be outdoors and away from chaotic cities. According to the desire to play sports and keep fit. Then the spread of aquatic tools that can be used by everyone easily and conveniently stored after use. Especially without the need for special car roof racks or significant space in your home to store items. We are obviously talking about inflatable boats, perfect for storing in the trunk of the car and in the mezzanine at home. Among these means, an interesting new water sport stands out: the water bike. It has become very popular because it combines two much-loved means of transport: the bicycle and the pedalo.

How Fast Do Water Bikes Run?

The Water Bike allows you to discover seas, lakes and rivers in a new way. It’s not like moving in a boat or kayak, because there is nothing under your feet: the tubes are on the sides. So while you pedal you can enjoy not only the views of the coasts, but also the seabed itself, which moves immediately under our gaze. You have the total freedom that can typically be had with a kayak, but cycling on the water is more intuitive. Because you don’t have to find balance and just pedal to move forward, very simply.

And thanks to the pedal-assisted electric motor you can move very quickly on the water. In short, anyone who thinks that it is a slow vehicle like its pedalo cousin could be is wrong. In fact, if with a pedalo you move at a speed of around 3 kilometers per hour (1.8 miles per hour), with a water bike you exceed 7 kilometers per hour (4,3 miles per hour). And with this motor water bike you can reach 15 kilometers per hour (9.3 miles per hour) without any problems.


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