Electric Dirt Bike Road Legal

Electric Dirt Bike Road Legal

8.880,00 $

Electric Dirt Bike Road Legal

8.880,00 $

Go electric. Ride the future and enjoy off-road fun with the most innovative Electric Dirt Bike on the market. A road legal motorcycle with a carbon fiber frame ideal for both off-road and everyday commuting. Furthermore, it comes with a solar charging station, so you can charge your battery with solar energy for FREE!
Motor Power: 6 KW

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Ride into the future with the all new road legal electric dirt bike. Mabay is the right electric motorcycle both for pure off-road fun and for your daily commute in the city! It is a highly performing and cutting-edge motorcycle with an exclusive design. In fact, it is built with a sturdy carbon fiber frame that guarantees considerable lightness and resistance. And unlike most traditional dirt bikes, Mabay is very manoeuvrable, weighing in at just 63kg (139lbs). This gives any type of rider easy access to Sunday rides with friends and off-road racing. As well as being ideal for off-road use, this dirt bike can also be used for the daily commute. Because it complies with American and European regulations and you can apply for homologation for use on public roads.
So unlike other dirt bikes, you can ride our Electric Dirt Bike anywhere. That means you don’t have to load Mabay into your pickup truck to take it on the mountain bike trails.

Electric Dirt Bike Performance is State-of-the-Art

The off-road motorcycle of the future is a reality with Mabay! Enjoy the thrill of electric bike with fantastic power, fast speed and exhilarating performance. On the saddle of our dirt bike you realize that power and speed meet stability and safety. Since all the details have been studied to give a unique riding experience. From the power of the electric motor to the riding position, nothing has been left to chance on this dirt bike. In fact, this motorcycle combines the advantages and characteristics of a high-performance off-road motorcycle with minimal weight. It weighs so little that it feels like riding a bicycle. In fact it is an elegant and light motorcycle but with enough power to glide fast both on and off-road. We are talking about emotions, performance and power combined with green mobility.

Go Everywhere for FREE with Your Road Legal Bike

Among the many advantages we also list the fact of being able to go anywhere for FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. Because as a leader in renewable energies, we offer you a solar charging station to charge your battery with the sun. The solar charger consists of solar panels, controllers and inverters. A few hours in the sun and your bike battery is full. Of course you can also use the standard charger that plugs into any 110 – 220 volt outlet.

Electric Dirt Bike Technical Specifications

Frame and swing arm: Carbon fiber
Cover: Carbon fiber
Seat: PVP leather
Handlebar: Carbon fiber
Speedometer: TFT display
Start: Button start with remote and alarm
Lighting: LED lights
Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Driving: 520 chain drive
Chain wheel: CNC
Rear sprocket: 90T 219H
Tires: 2.75 – 19 off road tire
Seat height: 830 mm (32.7 inch)
Minimum ground clearance: 185 mm (7.28 inch)
Wheelbase: 1375 mm (54 inch)
Size:1945 x 880 x 1030 mm (76.6 x 34.6 x 40.5 inch)
Weight: 63 Kg (139 lb)
Maximum load: 150 Kg (330 lb)
Cerification: COC, EEC

Power Unit

Motor: 72 volts DC permanent magnet synchronous
Controller: Sine wave Kelly KLS7218SW
Maximum power: 6000 watts
Speed: 100 Km/h (62 miles per hour)
Endurance: 120 Km at 45 Km/h (75 miles at 28 miles per hour)
Gradeability: 45°
Battery: 72 V – 45 Ah lithium battery
Charger: 10 A
Electric system: Waterproof standard IP54 for body, IP67 for electric

Main Benefits of Riding an Electric Motorcycle

Although electric vehicles usually cannot go as fast as petrol motorcycles, they do have many advantages over petrol motorcycles. Chief among these is the huge torque and impressive acceleration. Secondly they are very easy to use and silent. Third electric motorcycles don’t require petrol, so you don’t have to stop to refuel at the gas station. Moreover, they are almost maintenance-free. That’s why electric motorcycles are booming even though they usually can’t go as fast as petrol-powered bikes. In fact, manufacturers of e-vehicles often electronically limit the maximum speed to guarantee a long distance on a single charge. However, the speed is still sufficient to have fun within the speed limits allowed by the highway code. The great handling, the low center of gravity and the burning acceleration still guarantee top performance.
And we are committed to designing and building electric vehicles with high performance and high technical standards to satisfy the most demanding bikers. We bring to your attention the best off-road electric motorcycle available on the market today at a more than acceptable price. If you’re looking for a new dirt bike, look no further. You are in the right place. Our Electric Dirt Bike offers great agility for a very pleasant driving sensation. This is thanks to the lightweight frame, low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution.

Is the Electric Dirt Bike Road Legal?

The answer is yes. This electric dirt bike is an off-road motorcycle but is also road legal. In fact we have added everything necessary to be able to circulate on the road. Such as TFT digital dashboard, headlight, rear light, indicators, mirrors and approved license plate holder. Of course, if you want to use it on the road, you will need to register it at your vehicle office and fit the number plate. If, on the other hand, you only use it off-road, you can use it without any registration and without a number plate.


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