Hydrogen fuel cell bike Alor

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike Alor Electric Bicycle

6.980,00 $

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike Alor Electric Bicycle

6.980,00 $

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bike is designed to harness the high energy offered by the hydrogen fuel cell kit and extend the range.
Motor Power: 750 W (250 W for EU market)
Max Speed: 50 Km/h – 31 miles per hour (25 Km/h electronically limited for EU market)

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike is a futuristic looking electric bicycle powered with a special hydrogen extender to double its range. The fuel cell mixes hydrogen with air to produce electricity and water with an efficiency of 60%. The movement of hydrogen across an electrolytic membrane generates the current that drives the engine. When you stop at traffic lights, electricity is used to recharge the battery. The fuel cell is complementary to the battery. The battery will provide maximum power when you start pedaling or when pedaling uphill. The kit is a complete plug & play fuel cell generator including the hydrogen storage cylinder, control system, robust case, cables and connectors.

Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Stem: aluminum
Shifter: 7-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Max load: 120 Kg
Rims: aluminum
Spokes: steel
Tires: 26 x 4″ fat tires

Rider Height

170 – 190 cm ( 5.5” – 6.2″ )

Hydrogen fuel cell electric bicycle

Power Unit

Motor: Bafang brushless geared hub motor
Power: 750 W (250 W for European market)
Max Speed: 50 Km/h (25 Km/h electronically limited for EU)
Range: 50 – 100 km depending on battery choosen
Battery: 48V – 11Ah Li-ion removable battery pack
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Charger: 100/240 V – AC 50/60 Hz

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike Features

100 W fuel cell power
Hydrogen storage cilynder (metal hydride)
Hybrid power electronics

Hydrogen Storage System

Storage hydrogen is the most delicate problem in hydrogen fuell cell system. We offer a practice metal hydrides gas cylinder where hydrogen is stored at low pressure (less than 10 bar). The hydrogen is stored in the safest way with the absorption through metal hydride.

What is Included in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycle
Hybrid power electronics
Hydrogen storage cilynder
Robust case
Plug & play connettors

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bike Additional Notes

We supply a complete electric bike, but on request we can supply just the hydrogen fuel cell kit.
We can provide hydrogen fuell cell turn-key customised solutions for any electric bike design.
Hydrogen is supplied at low pressure in a metal hydride cylinder.
The metal hydride cylinder must be recharged with hydrogen only by qualified technicians in special gas stations.
You can buy a home refueller, but it is very expensive and hard to use without professional support.

Please write us the motor power you like 250 W or 750 W (Mind that in some countries including Europe, it is forbidden riding eBikes powered by 750 W motors on public roads).


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