E-bikes, also known as electric bikes or pedal assist bikes, are electric motor powered bikes.

The future of urban transport belongs to e-bikes. As you can see, they offer many advantages. First of all, they combine the speed of a scooter with the convenience of a bicycle. This is why they are recognized as the fastest mass transit system for short urban trips. In the beginning, bicycles were recreational and sports vehicles for high-class people. Then they were used as a means of transportation for the low-income class. In the 1970s, in fact, most Western countries began to promote the use of cars. The spread of automobiles went hand in hand with the creation of ever larger cities. In a few years the car has become the means of transport par excellence. The most suitable means of transport both for daily commutes to work and for travel to holiday destinations.
But due to traffic congestion, air pollution and global warming, there is an afterthought today. Recently, professors and academics are promoting the reintegration of the bike as part of a sustainable transport policy. And e-bikes can be considered a serious alternative to cars. A powerful motor has transformed an ordinary bike into the ideal vehicle for urban mobility. According to local law, in Europe e-bikes assist the cyclist’s pedaling while in the USA e-bikes can have the throttle like a moped.

E-bikes Advantages

Stay healthy while exercising on the way to work. Forget about traffic congestion. Don’t waste time driving around to find a parking spot. Ride uphill as if you were on the flat. You are flexible and independent, you can go wherever you want when you want. You can go to a party in elegant clothes without worrying about getting sweaty. Save a lot of money on gas, insurance, parking fees, car maintenance costs. Help the environment.

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