Naked Electric Motorcycle

Naked Electric Motorcycle NK46 Bike

8.660,00 $

Naked Electric Motorcycle NK46 Bike

8.660,00 $

Be trendy and eco-friendly by riding the newest naked electric motorcycle. As the naked bike is a motorcycle with an aggressive and captivating look for motorcyclists who love vintage style.
Motor Power: 28 KW

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The Naked Electric Motorcycle NK46 sits on a completely new platform and has all-new powertrain. Instead of the typical petrol engine, this bike is all-electric. So if you love the environment but want a real naked bike, you’ve found the right electric motorcycle for you. Because the NK46 is an aggressive bike with an urban mojo and an assertive-yet-upright riding position. Plus it easily transforms into a long-distance bike with the simple addition of panniers and windshield.
Join the electric revolution: more torque, impressive acceleration, quieter running, more power and now better weight distribution. Not to mention that the low seat is also easy to hop over and makes the bike feel more welcoming. And that makes the naked electric motorcycle the ideal motorcycle to own for everyday use. As most riders want something that allows them to commute to work/school and run errands. In addition of course to taking rides with friends on weekends and holidays by the sea or in the mountains. In fact this bike is fun to ride and will allow them to do all of these things and more. The Naked Electric Motorcycle offers a combination of style and fun at a reasonable cost for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Naked Bike Style

The naked bike has the characteristic of having no fairing, no windshield and no hard bags. Furthermore, they are very light motorcycles with a comfortable riding position that does not tire the driver. So both for the chassis and for handling the naked is one of the bikes most driven by female motorcyclists. But the Electric Naked Motorcycle is a great bike to own if you’re a biker who loves vintage style. And above all they love to go on fun rides even off the beaten track.

Naked Electric Motorcycle Technical Specifications

Frame material: combined braided steel frame
Handle material: aluminum alloy
Seat material: PVP leather
Front suspension: upside down shock absorber
Rear suspension: adjustable shock absorber
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes (ABS optional)
Tires: front 110/70-17 – rear 140/60-17
Weight: 120 Kg (264 lb)
Headlight: LED lights
Size: 1980 x 850 x 1150 mm (78 x 33.4 x 45.2 inch)
Seat height: 820 mm (32.3 inch)
Minimum ground clearance: 210 mm (8.3 inch)
Wheelbase: 1320 mm (52 inch)
Waterproof standard: IP54 for body – IP67 for electric system

Power Unit

Motor: 96 volts brushless DC permanent magnet motor
Maximum Power: 28 KW (Rate 7 KW)
Maximum Speed:120 Km/h (74.56 mph)
Endurance: 250 Km (155 miles)
Gradeability: 30°
Driving: belt drive
Shift: Stepless speed change (CVT)
Battery capacity: 96 V – 70 Ah removable lithium battery (A type cells)
Charger: on board 15 A (110 – 220 ac)
Charging time: 4-5 hours


2 customized side leather bags (390 $)
Solar charging station (1940 $)

Be Trendy and Green with the Naked Electric Motorcycle

The naked electric motorcycle is probably the most elegant modern electric motorcycle. Our designer’s intuition was that he had imagined a naked motorcycle right from the start. In other words, a motorcycle originally designed to do without fairings or superfluous details, and not as the result of the reverse process. In fact, naked bikes are often the result of the stripping of a normal motorcycle. So once the bike has been stripped down to its bare essentials, it’s left with the aggressive, eye-catching look. Without all the unnecessary fairings and trims, Undoubtedly, the right naked bike for those who want to ride green.


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