Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle CR 48

6.980,00 $

Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle CR 48

6.980,00 $

Join the fascinating world of Cafe Racer with your brand new Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle!
Motor Power: 12 KW

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Enjoy your daily commute in the city with the brand new Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle. A simple and powerful electric touring motorcycle for a comfortable ride with a retro style. Indeed, although the cafe racers are characterized by a minimalist design, this electric bike combines retro style with modern technology. And that creates a ride profile made for speed and handling that lets you ride alone or together. The Cafe Racer is designed for fast and agile movements over short distances. So when you travel with a cafe racer you don’t have to think about anything but enjoying the ride. Because the main feature of this motorcycle is reliability, ease of repair and ease of use. In fact, the motor and battery do not require maintenance, and it is easy to change any spare part.

Boost Your City Ride with the Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle CR 48

The motorcycle name Cafe Racer refers to those motorcycles that have particular characteristics, above all in terms of aesthetics. In fact they are known to be lightweight because they are reduced to the essentials to provide better handling. As well as a sporty vintage look accentuated by additions often made by the owners themselves. In practice, these additions make a touring bike look, at least in appearance, like a racing bike. Since these modifications are very superficial and non-structural, their goal is to give a fast motorcycle look.
Legend has it that the very name cafe racer was initially a denigration used by London car drivers. They saw gatherings of kids outside the cafes who competed with each other on the streets of the city. For this reason the owners modified their motorcycles reducing them to the essentials to provide better speed and handling. If the Cafe Racer Motorcycle was born in London in the early 60s for fast racing over short distances, today it is a trendy bike for urban commuting.

Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle Technical Specifications

Frame material: combined braided steel frame
Seat material: PVP leather
Suspension: front & rear hydraulic suspension
Brake with CBS: front and rear disc brakes
Tires: 120/80-14 vacuum tire (optional 120/70-17)
Weight: 86 Kg (190 lb)
Headlight: LED lights
Size: 1920 x 850 x 1085 mm (75.6 x 33.4 x 42.7 inch)
Seat height: 850 mm (33.5 inch)
Minimum ground clearance: 230 mm (9 inch)
Wheelbase: 1370 mm (54 inch)
Waterproof standard: IP54 for body – IP67 for electric system

Power Unit

Motor: 72 volts brushless DC permanent magnet motor
Power: 12 KW (Rate 4 KW)
Maximum torque: 350 Nm
Maximum Speed:120 Km/h (74.56 mph)
Endurance: 180 Km (111 miles)
Gradeability: 38°
Transmission: 4 gears with automatic clutch (manual clutch on request)
Battery capacity: 72 V – 80 Ah lithium battery
Charger: 110 / 220 ac
Charging time: 4-5 hours


2 customized side leather bags (390 $)
Solar charging station (1940 $)

Join the Fascinating World of Cafe Racer Motorcycles

Cafe Racer Motorcycles were popular custom bikes born between the 50s and 60s but the great success dates back to the 80s. When many motorcycle manufacturers decided to market models similar to the Cafe Racer to satisfy the taste of those years. But with one big difference. The original motorbikes were motorcycles stripped of everything superfluous to improve their performance. In fact, they were bikes used for challenges in the city organized in one-on-one and direct elimination style. And they competed over a distance of one-eighth of a mile (about 200 meters). While standard motorcycles imitate the particular sporting aesthetics more than the real performance of the motorcycles. Because today cafe racer describes not only a certain type of custom bike but also a certain style and culture. And today you can also be part of this culture riding an ecological motorcycle, the Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle.


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