Solar Carport Charging Station for Tesla Electric Car

Solar Carport Charging Station for Tesla Electric Car

6.900,00 $

Solar Carport Charging Station for Tesla Electric Car

6.900,00 $

Be smart. Install the specially designed Luxury Solar Carport Charging Station to charge your Tesla or other electric car. Solar panels can provide more than 40.000 watts of power per day, allowing you to travel 80.000 km (50.000 miles) per year for free. Also you can easily increase the size of the solar carport to have more power for fast charging.
Solar Panels Output: 4800 watts

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Go electric. With our Luxury Solar Carport Charging Station you can charge your Tesla or other electric car for free! Because our solar carport is a 100% self-sufficient power station producing more than 40,000 watts of power per day. More than enough for your daily commute. So with solar energy you can travel 80.000 km (50.000 miles) a year without spending a cent. Yes, our engineers have done their best to develop the most elegant, practical and efficient solar canopy on the market. First it comes with the state of the art solar panels and high efficiency inverter. Secondly, it has a modular structure to allow you to easily increase the number of solar panels for more power. In addition, the solar carport is simple to build, with minimal labor and can be installed in all types of properties.

Advantages of Solar Carport Charging Station for Tesla

Electric cars have become very popular in recent years and are becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol cars. And this is especially true if the electricity is generated from a renewable source. And what’s more renewable than solar energy? Well, now you can drive in a truly eco-friendly way and at the same time cut your mobility costs. Indeed you can charge your electric Tesla with energy produced by your solar charging station. Then don’t wait, Order Your Solar Station Now! If you are unsure of the power required to charge your car, please contact our staff.
Within months of installing a solar carport you realize the many benefits you have. Firstly, the solar charging station uses existing parking areas and does not deface the landscape. Secondly you turn your parking space into a solar generator. Ideal both for charging your Tesla and for powering your home with great economic savings. Then the solar carport provides covered parking for your Tesla and also another car while protecting them from the elements.

Solar Carport Charging Station Features

Structure material: steel and aluminum alloy
Solar carport size (LWH): 6000 x 5000 x 2400 mm – 236.22 x 196.85 x 94.5 inch
Output voltage: integrated 110V – 220V AC outlet
Solar panels power: 4800 W
Solar controller: controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
High performance: high efficiency, over-charge and over-discharge protection, high stability, 25 years of life

Where to Install Solar Carport for Your Electric Car

The spread of electric cars is driving the installation of solar charging stations. And more and more solar carports are an integral part of new construction projects. As the high energy efficiency of solar canopies combined with the simplicity of the structure are key factors for their success. As they are ideal for existing parking spaces in villas, condominiums and multi-family houses. Or for shopping centers that want to offer their customers both shaded parking and the possibility of charging their electric vehicles. And schools, colleges and sports clubs that significantly reduce their electric bills by installing solar carports.
The installation of the solar station is simple and can be installed with a standard tool kit. In fact, the solar carport structure was designed as a universal racking system to be assembled quickly even by non-professionals. It is much easier to install than complex and expensive roof mounting systems. Plus, all parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy with high corrosion resistance to ensure years of use.

Why Install Solar Carport Charging Station for Your Tesla

  • With our Luxury Solar Carport Charging Station you have 2 shaded parking spaces and a charger for your Tesla. So you can be free from the increase in electricity bill.
  • The Solar Carport has a very elegant design and was designed to be easily installed on existing car parks. So you can generate electricity without sacrificing valuable properties.
  • The structure is an easy-to-install modular system that can be expanded from 4800 watts to 100 KW.
  • The Solar Charging Station can be installed both On-Grid and Off-Grid according to your needs.
  • Who doesn’t love to save a little on the utility bills? This electricity is free, clean and renewable, so by saving money you are also helping the environment.
  • High efficiency.
  • Free maintenance.


Luxury solar carport
Foundation scheme, support poles, cross beam tubes, mounting racks, assemblies, connectors and clamps
Solar panels
Solar controller and Inverter
Stainless steel combiner box
DC and AC safety disconnects for added functionality
Photovoltaic cables and connectors
110 – 220 V AC outlet
Installation manual
Energy storage system with LiFePO4 battery on request
DC fast charging socket on request

Benefits of Driving an Electric Car

Global mobility is turning into electric. Electricity is not only zero emission mobility, it is also pure adrenaline for high speed lovers. You can also have fun driving an electric car. In fact, after years and years of technical development by the main car manufacturers, today we can drive very high performance e-cars. An incredible level of performance and refinement unthinkable a few years ago. Above all, the electric motor offers two great advantages: unrivaled reliability and impressive acceleration.
Now, let’s move on to the well-known pains of electric cars, the price. Because electric cars may seem very expensive compared to petrol ones. But the electric motor, having no parts subject to wear, does not require maintenance. The maintenance interventions concern exclusively tires and brakes. Furthermore, the gas station is a distant memory. And the cost of electricity is much lower than that of petrol. If you then use our Solar Carport Charging Station to charge your Tesla, refueling is free!


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