Beer Bike Pedal Pub for Brew Tour

Beer Bike Pedal Pub for Party Bike Brew Tour

11.900,00 $

Beer Bike Pedal Pub for Party Bike Brew Tour

11.900,00 $

The Beer Bike Pedal Pub is a 12 passenger party bike for your tour of the city. Because this electric bike is a real brew pub on wheels. The brew beer bike allows you to drink on board while pedaling! It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to throw a party, socialize, and bring more fun to your family, friends or colleagues.

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Tour the city in an ecological and fun way with your own Beer Bike Pedal Pub. Because this 4-wheeled Party Bike is a real pub that allows you to brew beer on board and party. Then you can pedal with your friends or colleagues and enjoy your brew tour. The Beer Bike is a multi-passenger bike invented in the Netherlands. It was immediately a great success and in a few years it spread to many other European cities. In fact, the Beer Bike seats up to 12 people and is the easiest way to socialize with family, friends and colleagues. Because you can spend happy time together, improve your mood and so much more. What are you waiting for to book your Party Bike Brew Tour?

Beer Bike Pedal Pub Uses and Users

A beer bike is a human-powered multi-passenger vehicle that first appeared in northern Europe in the late 1990s. But the party bike industry has conquered North America in just a few years and is expanding worldwide. Sometimes this party bike is mistaken for a larger version of a rickshaw, but it works differently. In fact, the party bike is operated by the pedaling of the passengers, while the steering and braking are controlled by a driver who does not pedal. Also on board there is always the tapper who has the task of filling the passengers’ beer mugs.
Of course, this task can also be performed by one of the passengers, but often it is a trusted person of the charterer. Because party bikes are almost always rented out to tourists, or used for staff parties and hen or stag parties. For this reason they are often available at tourist attractions where they are rented by the hour. As pedal beer bike tours are a great alternative to the traditional limousine or party bus. So it’s a great investment for rental business and highly profitable. You can also rent the bike for any occasion based on the different customer requests.

Building a Beer Bike

The Beer Bike is a human-powered 4-wheeled vehicle with 12 seats about 5 meters long. These vehicles are designed to look like old trams from European cities. Indeed, in front is the driver, then seats with pedals for passengers and a bench in the back. But instead of the ticket seller on the bench we find the bartender. There is also a sun canopy and in some cases an electric assist motor to assist cyclists on hilly terrain. But the thing that makes the Beer Bike extraordinary is the system capable of drawing liters of beer while pedalling. Thus passengers can enjoy the beauties of the city sitting in a sociable setup with a central bar counter in front of each seat.
The Beer Bike Pedal Pub is mainly suitable for pubs and wine bars, rental business on beaches and in tourist cities. But it is also perfect for companies that organize events and birthday parties. Because a beer bike tour is the right choice to entertain your guests while touring the city. You can use our pedal pub on public roads because the bikes are equipped with headlights, taillights and turn signals. And no driving license is required.

Beer Bike Technical Specifications

Frame material: hi-teen steel
Propulsion: cycling plus electric pedal assisting motor
Max speed: 25 Km/h – 15 miles per hour
Brakes: 4 hydraulic disc brakes
Loading capacity: 1200 Kg – 2645 lb (12 persons)
Motor power: 1500 W (250 W for EU market on request)
Solar panels: 400 W SunPower flexible solar panels on the roof (optional)

Why Run the Party Bike Brew Tour Business in Your City

There are many reasons to try your hand at the beer bike rental business. Among all, the passion for beer and for being in contact with cheerful people who want to have fun stands out. Then remember that you are your own boss and run your brewing business how and when you want. Third, it is enough to see on the internet that beer tours are becoming more and more popular and are present in many cities. In fourth place let’s say you can work with both tourists and locals by organizing parties and business meetings. As the rental of beer bikes is ideal in various sectors. From parks to hotels, from birthday parties to corporate conferences and even weddings. Last but not least we put the profit. Because you have high profit margins and very low operating costs.
Usually the rental rate ranges from $ 20 to $ 25 per hour per seat. So if you run a Party Bike Brew Tou Business, you’ll get at least $ 200 every hour. And just remember that beer bike maintenance is next to nothing.

What is Included in Beer Bike Pedal Pub

Beer bike with 10 seats with pedals plus 1 driver and 1 behind the bar counter to draw the beer
Wooden bar counter
Woodden canopy
Beer tap with CO2 supply
Sound system with radio and USB port for your choice of music
Large roof with ample storage space
Led lighting system
400 W SunPowe flexible solar panels on the roof to increease the range (optional)

Beer Bike Customized Design

We are ready to customize your Beer Bike Pedal Pub body to suit your needs. This way you can offer your guests a personalized and unique bike tour that they will always remember. Because each city is different from the other and the tours must be made by enhancing the beauty of the place.

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