Coffee cart on wheels for mobile bar business

Coffee Cart on Wheels for Mobile Coffee Business

4.980,00 $

Coffee Cart on Wheels for Mobile Coffee Business

4.980,00 $

Bring a touch of elegance to any event with your lovely Coffee Cart on Wheels. Ideal for mobile coffee bar business.
Motor Power: 750 W (250 W for EU market)

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Coffee Cart on Wheels is the perfect bike to start your mobile coffee bar business with a low investment. A real coffee bar always with you. This coffee cart has evolved from being simply a bike for street food business, to offering the mobile coffee on wheels experience at birthdays, wedding celebrations and corporate events!

Coffee Cart on Wheels Guidelines

Very low purchasing price and without maintenance costs. Beautiful design, constructed in stainless steel, aluminum to be light in structure and very sturdy, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Coffee Cart on Wheels Uses and Users

The coffee cart on wheels is ideal for any coffee lover who likes to start a business related to the world of mobile bar. It is the right idea for smart men and women who already work in the food sector, or for anyone who wants to start a new business with little capital and without the monthly fixed costs of maintaining a store. With the mobile coffee cart you are sure to make every event memorable by adding a touch of elegance and refinement to any location!

Coffee Cart on Wheels Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Stem: aluminum
Shifter: 7-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: 2 front and 1 rear disc brakes + parking brake
Lights: front and tail led light
Rims: double wall aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: front 20 x 2″ – rear 26 x 2″
Loading capacity: 150 Kg
Weight: 80 Kg

Mobile coffee cart on wheels with refrigerator

Mobile Cart for Coffee Business Features

Disc Brakes: To guarantee safe driving we installed 3 disc brakes plus a parking brake.
Stainless Steel Finishing: The coutertop is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, resistant to humidity and bad weather.
Water Sink: We installed a water sink with automatic tap sensor, a fresh water container and a removable waste water tank under the sink for easy emptying.
Refrigerator: We install refrigerator – freezer with a range temperature from – 18° + 4° C.
Wi-fi system: We can install a TV, radio and wi-fi system on your coffee bike in order to attract more clients (optional).
Worktop size: 1300×700 mm.

Why To Run Mobile Coffee Business

Today mobile food cart business is very popular.
Become your own boss with your own mobile cart bike.
You can sell ice cream, drinks, coffee, fruit and more.
Low purchasing price compared to a traditional coffee shop.
To success, just ride to find a great location near a school or an office district.


3 wheel cart bike
Water sink
Rear box
Refrigerator with 12 V battery


Wi-fi system, TV, radio, USB charger station
GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps
Solar panels
Coffee maker
Juice extractor

Mobile Cart Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your bike according to your needs and create your personalized cart for sale.


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