Solar Mobile Water Pump

4.900,00 $

Solar Mobile Water Pump

4.900,00 $

Solar pumps are mainly used in dry region for irrigation in agricuture
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The most innovative solar system for small villages and for agriculture. All parts, solar panels, controller, inverter, battery, solar charger, come in a 3 wheeled bicycle with solar panels. The power plant takes less then 1 hour to first set up, and it can be moved and used in several sites. Easy to transport. Easy to install.

Solar Power Set Features

  • Output Voltage: 12 V dc / 220 V ac
  • Solar Power: 1000 W
  • Loading Power: 900 W
  • Work Time: 8 hours per day (24 hours if equipped with a battery set)
  • Advanced technology and quality control system
  • Full power supply and stable function
  • Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
  • Overcharge and over discharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • High Efficiency and High Stability
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Long service life


  • Energy saving, environmental-friendly
  • Light weight and small size, easy to take and transport
  • Fully controlled by computer
  • Easy Installation, just need connect
  • Free maintenance


The solar pumps are mainly used in dry region for irrigation in agricuture, or to improve the quality of living condition in small villages. Adding a water treatment system, it can be also used for drinking water.

Water Pump Specifications

  • The use of permanent magnetism brushless motor improves the efficiency of 25% compared to the traditional alternating current motor
  • Stainless steel outlet
  • Stainless steel pump body
  • Stainless steel motor body
  • Stainless steel impeller

Solar Mobile Water Pump Set Including

  • Electric trike
  • Racks
  • Solar water pump
  • Solar controller and inverter
  • Water level sensor or float switch
  • Cable for solar panels
  • Cable connectors
  • Solar panels
  • Battery set