Mobile Digital Billboard Truck with 3 LED Displays

Mobile Digital Billboard Truck with 3 LED Displays

12.800,00 $

Mobile Digital Billboard Truck with 3 LED Displays

12.800,00 $

Advertise your products or services sustainably with this brand new mobile digital billboard electric truck with 3 LED displays and speakers.
Motor power: 750W (250W for EU market)

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Grab the attention of your target audience with our Mobile Digital Billboard Truck featuring 3 LED displays and powerful speakers. Our electric trike offers stunning visuals that deliver huge reach and leave lasting impressions on all in attendance. You can use the mobile billboard trike for Special promotions, Experiential marketing campaigns, Retail store openings and much more. In fact the trike is equipped with the latest technology of LED billboards. You can reproduce videos, moving graphics or various alternating images. Plus the Digital Billboard Trike can go almost anywhere: on the street, on pavements, in parks, in exhibition halls. In fact, electric tricycles are to all intents and purposes considered bicycles.

What is Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile billboard advertising has been around for some years in major cities around the world. You will often have seen a truck driving around with a large billboard on the back. And lately the billboards have been replaced by large LED screens that allow you to reproduce short films and numerous rotating images. A mobile billboard truck is used to drive in a specific area, usually in metropolitan cities. To get the maximum image return, the area must be very crowded. The entrance to the stadium, a university campus, the shopping street on weekends. The purpose of the truck is to capture the attention of those present and promote the advertised products. Since mobile billboards are found on trucks cruising around cities, they can also be used to advertise temporary events such as picture shows, flea markets or vintage car rallies.

Mobile Digital Billboard Electric Truck Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Shifter: 7-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes plus parking brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Rims: double wall aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 26″ x 2.2
Dimension (LWH): 2600 x 1100 x 1800 mm – 102 x 43 x 71 inch
Weight: 240 Kg – 530 lbs

Power Unit

Motor: rear axle with differential geared motor
Power: 750 W (250 W for EU)
Max Speed: 30 Km/h – 19 mph (electronically limited)
Range: 80 Km – 50 miles
Battery: 48 V – 20 Ah Li-ion removable battery pack
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist
Charger: Solar panels plus charger 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz

Cost of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Advertising on mobile billboards is not as expensive as you might think. There are numerous agencies that offer this type of advertising. And as with most things, the cost of advertising on mobile billboards depends on a number of factors. From the city, the duration of the advertisement, and the number of trucks you want to use. However, compared to other forms of advertising, mobile billboards are relatively cheap. Of course, there are pros and cons to using mobile billboard trucks.

Why Advertise with Mobile Billboard Electric Trike

Among the benefits stands out that of reach a large number of people quickly and easily in a short amount of time. While driving around town, a billboard on the side of a truck attracts the attention of many people. It is easy for others to see what you are advertising. It can be used as an event advertisement rather than for a product. Thanks to LED dispays, advertisers can be a lot creative with their ads. And the Mobile Billboard Electric Trike can also be used in parks or fairs inside as it is in effect a bicycle.
Also our electric trike does not have the disadvantages of advertising trucks. Some people may find the engine noise annoying. Many see a truck in the city as a source of pollution. This risks making the company you advertise as a non-environmentally conscious company. In addition, the truck could get in the way of the cars and the advertising message can be disruptive with counterproductive effects.


Electric 3 wheel Trike
3 LCD displays, two on both sides and one on the back
Waterproof speakers
Battery set
Optional the Solar charger Solar charger and a GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps.

Customize Your Mobile Digital Billboard Truck with 3 LED Displays

We are ready to customize the body image of your Mobile Digital Billboard Truck according to your logo design.


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