E-Bike Solar Charging Station for 4 Electric Bikes

E-Bike Solar Charging Station for 4 Electric Bikes

1.990,00 $

E-Bike Solar Charging Station for 4 Electric Bikes

1.990,00 $

Take your buildings to the next level with Azure’s new E-Bike Solar Charging Station. Park and charge 4 electric bikes with an incredible 900W power. Faster charging time than a standard wall socket!
Easy Installation: Self-supporting
Solar Panels Power: 900 watts

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Be eco-friendly with your new E-Bike Solar Charging Station designed both for parking and for charging 4 electric bikes.

As it is the first and only solar-powered, free-standing, off-grid charging station on the market. So anyone can help improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce carbon emissions. In fact, our charging station is very innovative, easy to install and also very cheap. As you know, one of our great goals is the promotion of lifestyles that reduce carbon emissions. And for this reason we encouraged the use of electric bikes for small daily journeys 20 years ago. But at the time all our customers had to recharge their e-bikes with electricity from a local grid. While today we have taken another step towards reducing the carbon footprint with solar power stations. 100% renewable energy and 100% free energy!
We hope every shopping mall, business district, school, university will eventually install a solar charging station in their parking lot. Just as municipalities are starting to plan the construction of charging stations for electric bikes and scooters on sunny street corners. As electric vehicles and e-bikes in particular continue to grow in popularity, we believe solar stations have tremendous growth potential. This will help reduce our reliance on petrol cars, which are a major cause of climate change.

Why a Solar Charging Station for Parking and for Charging Electric Bikes

Our engineers wanted to make the use of e-bikes more environmentally friendly and they started with this question. How can we find a way to charge the e-bike with renewable energy while it is parked in a shopping mall or office parking lot? Solar energy was the answer. In fact we all know that people like sunny days and like cycling for commuting. Hence the abundant sunlight makes it a very attractive city for bikers. But that same sunlight can provide a new eco-friendly way to power their electric bikes.
Unfortunately, green technology gets a bad reputation in some circles because it’s expensive and ugly. So our designers were asked to make a solar charging station that needed to be beautiful, affordable and efficient. And our development center designed a lightweight, transparent structure that doesn’t obstruct your view. You look through it and don’t notice that there are solar panels. So we hope this charging station can expand the use of e-bikes in the future. We must all try to use less polluting vehicles and among these, light electric vehicles are the most eco-sustainable. And if we use the sun to recharge our e-bikes we take another step towards a greener world.

Charging Station Product Details

Body Materials: Steel and aluminum
Capacity: 4 charging sockets for electric bikes
Size (LWH): 2000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 78.7 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: Each post is provided with integrated 110V – 220V AC outlet. Digital power meter option is available
Solar Panels Power: 900 W
Solar Controller: Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Waterproof Protection: IP44 rated unit
Certification Mark: CE

E-Bike Solar Charging Station Project Planning

The bike charging station is equipped with 4 charging sockets. Our technicians recommend having a circulation area in front of the station of 2000 mm (78 inch) to ensure easy access. The structure is modular. In fact, you can easily increase the number of e-bikes to be charged at your convenience. This way you can meet the charging demand as the use of e-bikes increases. Just place several stations side by side to satisfy the growing demand for micro-mobility. The diffusion of the electric bicycle as a means of transport is a new phenomenon, but in a very short time it has become very popular. And with this charging station you can charge your bikes while they are parked in a safe and orderly manner.

Advantages of Azure E-Bike Solar Charging Station

  • Great flexibility: It is modular and the dimensions can be increased according to the customer’s needs. Each solar charging station has 900W solar panels and 4 sockets that can charge the batteries of 4 electric bicycles. It is also possible to place a large backup battery in the base of the station. This battery, in turn, recharges the e-bikes at night or in cloudy weather.
  • Quick Installation: Free standing structure suitable for internal and external installs. The scooter charging station is delivered ready for installation on a flat and secure concrete surface. Moreover, the charging station is completely self-sufficient and does not require connection to the electricity grid.
  • Environmental-friendly: The E-Bike Charging Station helps limit carbon emissions.
  • Energy saving: You can use the energy produced by the solar panels both to charge the e-bikes and for your utilities, reducing your bills.
  • Stand out from competitors: The solar charging station not only generates electricity but also provides shade for people who come to visit you. You can also take this opportunity to add an outside outlet to your business.
  • Easy Installation, just need connect e-bike battery.


Steel and aluminum structure
Solar panels
Solar controller and inverter
Cable for solar panels
Backup battery (Optional)

What is a Charging Station

The Solar Power Charging System is a basic independent power plant designed to generate electricity satisfying basic needs such as charging battery of electric bikes. The solar charging station can be coupled with local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off grid. The power station grid tied will be connected to the grid utility through an inverter that convert the current generated by the solar panels into 110 – 220 V AC current.


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