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Charge your battery directly from the sun with our solar chargers for electric vehicles, cars scooters or ebikes as well. We have designed innovative solar chargers made with foldable solar panels to be lightweight and portable. From today you can have a free solar charge wherever you go. We connected more flexible solar panels and added a controller to generate electricity just like a mini power plant. As you know, solar panels convert the energy of sunlight into electricity, free of charge and without CO2 emissions. In addition to charging electric vehicles, solar panels can be used to meet primary needs in rural areas. Such as home lighting, TV, notebook, refrigerator, ceiling fan, water pump, etc.
Solar chargers with a special controller can be coupled to the local power grid or can be installed 100% off-grid. And you too can install a renewable energy system in your home. Don’t have a roof big enough to install a traditional photovoltaic system? Don’t worry. You can opt for one of our solar carports or a portable power plant. Installing a solar system takes less than 1 hour, helps you reduce your electricity bill and reduces your carbon footprint.

Advantages of Solar Chargers

Among the major advantages of solar chargers we list. Solar energy is free, it is environmentally friendly, it is portable, it is easy to use. They also require no maintenance and last a lifetime. Just read the technical features of our portable power system to find the one that best suits your needs. With our solar chargers you can charge your electric bike, your electric scooter and even your electric car in 3 – 4 hours wherever you are. You can charge any type of battery from 12V to 72V with very high conversion efficiency. In fact, we use the latest technology photovoltaic panels. Only SunPower flexible solar panels that are the best in today’s solar technology. Just unfold the solar panels, connect to the solar charger and place them in an area exposed to direct and strong sunlight. That’s all!

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