Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike Electric Tuk Tuk Taxi

5.880,00 $

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike Electric Tuk Tuk Taxi

5.880,00 $

The Electric Pedicab Rickshaw is a 3 wheel electric bike inspired by the old petrol tuk tuk design. But this new version of the Pedicab is powered by an electric motor and solar panels. Due to this ecological characteristic it has become popular both in the United States and in Europe as an eco taxi for tourists.
Motor power: 750W (250W for EU market)

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The Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike is a 3 wheel bike made keeping the design of the old timeless tuk tuk. But our engineers have completely renewed the classic rickshaw and made many innovations. Among all, the powerful and silent electric motor stands out instead of the petrol one. We then note the solar panels on the roof that charge the LiFePO4 battery and guarantee practically unlimited autonomy. And last but not least the aluminum frame, Shimano shifter, disc brakes and Maxxis tires. In short, only the drawing remained of the old tuk tuk. So today lovers of retro style have their own pedicab, ecological and in step with the times.

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike Uses and Users

The electric pedicab is an easy and very fun vehicle to ride both downtown and on the waterfront. For this reason, the rickshaw is becoming a form of urban transport in Europe and North America. In fact, getting around the city by rickshaw is highly appreciated by tourists. And taking tourists around on a pedicab is a very interesting and lucrative job. It is ideal for a boy or a girl who wants to set up on their own and start a new business. Because the rickshaw allows you to work outdoors, to have flexible hours and above all it doesn’t require huge investments. And in the months when there are no tourists, you can use the trike to deliver goods around the city.
This Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike is very versatile and has a large platform with a considerable load capacity. In fact the aluminum frame has allowed our designers to create a very beautiful, elegant and resistant tricycle. Nothing to do with the old steel vehicle that has been present in some cities for some years now. Because a beautifully designed rickshaw attracts the attention of all passers-by and attracts more customers.

Electric Rickshaw Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Suspension: front suspension fork and twin rear shock absorbers with coil springs
Shifter: 8-speed Shimano drive train
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes with brake lever lockout mechanism for parking
Rims: extra wide double-walled aluminum wheels front and rear with stainless steel spokes
Tires: front and rear Maxxis 26″ x 2.50 tires
Lights: LED headlights, brake lights, running lights and turn signals
Loading capacity: rider plus 2 adults and 2 children
Comfort: solar canopy, 2 wide leather grade passenger seats (1150 mm – 45.5 inch), underseat storage, integrated USB charging port
Weight: 120 Kg – 264 lbs

Power Unit

Motor: 750 watt rear drive motor and differantial (250 W for EU)
Display: LED motor system display panel
Range: unlimited
Battery: 48 V – 20 Ah (optional 48 V – 40 Ah LiFePO4 Battery)
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist (and throttle for US)
Charger: solar panels plus charger 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike Advantages

Simply the best, light and robust richshaw with the highest quality standards to ensure a durable and easy-to-maintain product. Our Rickshaw offers many advantages compared to other Electric Pedicab Bikes. Among the first we list the powerful electric motor that does not pollute and makes no noise. Following the solar panels on the roof that can recharge the batteries. So the tricycle is totally self-sufficient and does not need an electrical outlet. Plus it is 100% eco-friendly as it only uses the energy of the sun to move. Then we can notice that it is maintenance free. In fact, the only parts you’ll need to change over the years are the normal wear parts on a bike. Like tires and disc brake pads as the engine is maintenance free. It is designed to operate for years without maintenance.


Electric rickshaw
Solar canopy
Solar charger
48 V – 20 Ah battery
110 – 220 V charger

Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Electric Pedicab Rickshaw according to your needs and create your personalized 3 wheeled bike. On request we can install a GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps.

The Evolution of the Rickshaw Bike

The first rickshaw appeared in the 19th century and was a two-wheeled cart pulled by a man carrying a passenger. And in a short time it has quickly become a very popular means of transport in most Asian cities. Over the years the hand-pulled rickshaw has been replaced by the pedal rickshaw, also called Pedicab. With the evolution of technology, the pedal rickshaw has been replaced by an electric tricycle with pedal assistance. And this innovation has made the Rickshaw the most popular means of transport for tourists to visit cities and seafronts.
So in many European cities we can see young entrepreneurs who take tourists around with their Electric Pedicab Rickshaw Bike. But not only. In fact, many young locals prefer to use the pedicab to get home after dinner instead of the classic taxi. And this phenomenon has also exploded in many American cities, especially in and around Miami.


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