Mobile Billboard Trailer for Advertising on the Go

Mobile Billboard Trailer for Advertising on the Go

218,00 $

Mobile Billboard Trailer for Advertising on the Go

218,00 $

The future of mobile advertising is definitely this Mobile Billboard Trailer for advertising. A trailer towed by a bicycle that allows you to reach a large number of people in different places in a short time, and with a low environmental impact.

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With the Mobile Billboard Trailer for Advertising on the go you can reach a large number of people in different places. This is why the advertising trailer towed by a bicycle is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

In fact, a bicycle billboard gets your brand noticed on busy city streets in just an hour! Plus people will recognize your brand as environmentally friendly as the billobard bike is a zero carbon way of advertising. So towing a billboard with your bicycle is the advertising with the best value for money. Because visibility is very high while the management cost is practically zero.
During the day you can use your mobile billboard trailer in many different places in the city. Especially where there may be the possibility of having a larger audience. In the evening you can travel with your billboard at fairs, festivals, arenas and other gatherings. In fact you will be able to easily reach the most popular places at different times of the day and move directly among the crowds of people. This allows you to converse directly with potential customers and give your product more impact.

Mobile Billboard Trailer Specifications

Frame Material: Aluminium & ABS Plastic
Dimension: 890 x 1240 mm (35×48.8 inch)
Billboard Dimension: 850 x 1200 mm (33.5×47.2 inch)
Folding Dimensions: 1300 x 300 x 150 cm (51.2×11.8×5.9 inch)
Weight: 2.3 kg (5 lb)
Wheel diameter: 125 mm (4.9 inch)
Towbar lenght: 800 mm (31.4 inch)
Assembly: fast assembly / no needed tools
Billboard Fixing: plastic zippers/clips (20 pcs. inlcuded)

Mobile Billboard Trailer Highlights

Our Bicycle Billboard Trailer with its original and designer look always attracts attention everywhere, because it always stands out! Plus it is very light and durable. The trailer is in fact made of aluminum and is very quick to install and uninstall. You can easily attach it to your bicycle with the included mounting fork suitable for all types of bicycles. Furthermore, you can easily replace the flexible advertising banner because it is attached to the frame with some cable ties. So you can advertise different brands in different places without wasting hours changing the banner. Speaking of banners, we will also be happy to give you the banner printed with your logo. Please Contact Us.

Bicycle Billboard Trailer

Why Mobile Advertising Is Effective

First of all, let’s start by saying that billboards attached to bicycles are a very practical way of advertising. As well as being very flexible. In fact, you can cycle on a road alone or in groups of three or four to have a greater visual impact on people. Secondly you will have considerable visibility on the street unlike traditional outdoor advertising on billboards. Third, you can advertise your brand anywhere. On the streets, in the squares, in the car parks of shopping centres, on the beaches.
You also reach areas where other outdoor advertising options are not available, such as bike paths and parks. Fourth, the bicycle is much more popular with people than a traditional gas-powered billboard vehicle. Finally, the bicycle itself advertises an outdoor lifestyle and exercise. So the bicycle billboard is perfect for advertising eco-conscious brands. You can then use bicycle billboards as a team and create engagement among people. This way you will receive thousands of unique brand impressions on your social networks every day.

The Mobile Billboard Trailer Is the Future of Advertising

The future of communication is represented by advertising methods with low environmental impact and zero carbon emissions. And this mobile advertising trailer on the go is exactly the best way to get noticed. It also always leaves a positive impression on people. Because with the mobile bike trailer you can stay in touch with a large number of people in different places. But without noise and harmful emissions. So when people see the bicycle they perceive the advertising message as something positive. Furthermore, our bicycle trailer with its original and designer look always attracts attention everywhere, because it always stands out! And if you want to make sure that your brand remains well imprinted you can use 3 billboards that run together along the busy city streets.


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