Residential Solar Carport Kit

Residential Solar Carport Kit

5.800,00 $

Residential Solar Carport Kit

5.800,00 $

Go solar, install now your Residential Solar Carport Kit. A simple prefab solar panel system that will reduce your electricity bills. It is a modular structure. Each module consists of a 3600 W power.

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If you are ready to switch to solar, check out our new Residential Solar Carport Kit to power your car or home. A simple prefab solar panel kit that fits all of your solar charging needs. Azure Bikes makes energy accessible to everyone by offering ready-to-install photovoltaic solutions that will reduce your electricity bill. This solar carport kit is modular, fully compatible for turn-key installations and can be connected both on-grid and off-grid. Let our highly trained team assist you in planning your residential carport. Our engineers will work closely with your installation team to ensure your solar panel system is functioning properly once completed. This innovative DIY prefab solar panel kit is ideal for a variety of projects. From cutting the electricity bills of residential homes to powering schools and factories in remote areas,

Why Install Your Own Residential Solar Carport

Install your Residential Solar Carport and free yourself from electricity bills.
This solar panel kit will charge your electric or hybrid car for daily commutes of up to 60 km per day (37 miles).
Go green by driving 100% with renewable energy.
Promote environmentally friendly solutions for your travels.

Where to Install the Residential Solar Carport

Parking lots for offices, shops and restaurants
Villas, multi-family houses, residential condominium parking lots
Resorts and guests houses
Remote areas with poor or no access to the public electricity grid

Advantages of Our Solar Kit

  • The Residential Solar Carport is an electrical generation plant 100% ecological and self-sufficient.
  • The solar panel system will generate enough electricity to charge your electric car during the day.
  • The DIY solar panel kit features modular technology that simplifies installation. It also facilitates any expansion in case more power is needed.
  • The structure of this carport offers great flexibility to charge any type of electric vehicle.

The Solar Kit Consists of the Following Elements

Elegant solar carport
Foundation scheme, support poles, cross beam tubes, mounting racks, assemblies, connectors and clamps
Solar panels: 450 W x 8 pcs.
Output power: 3600 W
Solar controller
On-grid and off-grid Inverter
Stainless steel combiner box
Photovoltaic dc cables and MC4 connectors
110 – 220 V ac outlets
Installation manual
Battery on request

What is Residential Solar Carport

The Residential Solar Carport Kit is a small power plant developed to generate electricity for charging your electric car. Also, you can power your home loads such as lighting, TV, notebook, refrigerator, air conditioner. The DIY solar panel kit can be coupled to the local power grid via the inverter or can be installed off-grid. In both cases you will have a great saving on your energy bill.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for professional assistance in setting up your Residential Solar Carport Kit. An engineer from our staff will be happy to assist you with all aspects of the design and installation of your solar carport.


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