Mobile billboard bicycle trailer for bike advertising

Mobile Billboard Bicycle Trailer for Bike Advertising

380,00 $

Mobile Billboard Bicycle Trailer for Bike Advertising

380,00 $

The Mobile Billboard on a bicycle trailer will maximize advertising opportunities in pedestrian-intensive downtown areas with two 1000×1400 mm (40×55 inch) advertisements

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Mobile Billboard Bicycle Trailer maximizes advertising opportunities in pedestrian-intensive downtown areas with its large mobile billboard placed on the bicycle trailer. Bike advertising gives you great maneuverability and exposure along with the possibility of direct conversation with your audience. In fact, when the fleet of bikes with mobile billboards moves through the crowd, your cyclists can interact with pedestrians improving the impact of the brand and creating a new advertising experience. In addition to being an extremely effective campaign, bike advertising is the least expensive way of promoting a brand, having an initial investment of a few hundred dollars and having no running costs.

Mobile Billboard Bicycle Trailer Features

Frame: hi-ten steel and aluminum
Tires: 20″ x 2
Trailer size LW: 1000 x 700 mm (40×27 inch)
Billboard size LH: 1000 x 1400 mm (40×55 inch)

Advertising Bike Trailer

Why Use a Bike Trailer for Advertising

  • Mobile billboards stand out on the streets making thousands of impressions every day.
  • Bike advertising is perfect for places with a high pedestrian density such as downtown areas or sporting events.
  • A bicycle trailer allows you to easily change places by moving to where you see more people.
  • The bicycle trailer can be parked anywhere, even in a park or inside a shopping center.
  • With a bicycle trailer you can promote your brand in areas where other billboards are not present such as cycle paths, pedestrian areas and country lanes.
  • Your brand will be highly appreciated for being environmentally-friendly.
  • The billboard towed behind a bicycle is very handy. Its small size facilitates storage and logistics, and you can also organize an advertising campaign in any city by sending only the billboards and using the bikes rented on site.

What is Included in Mobile Billboard Bicycle Trailer

Bike trailer
Removable towing bar for bicycle
We are ready to change the size of billboard according to you needs
We can print high resolution banners with your logo design, please contact our team


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