Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

4.680,00 $

Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

4.680,00 $

Buy your new Solar Powered Electric Tricycle now. A cargo tricycle with unlimited range where the electric motor is powered by solar panels.
Solar Panels: 400 W
Motor Power: 750 W (250 W for EU market)

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Ride the newest Solar Powered Electric Tricycle for your commute and enjoy smart mobility and free solar electric power. It is in fact a pedal-assisted tricycle powered by solar panels designed for the transport of goods. It’s not quite a van but it’s not quite a bicycle either. Therefore this tricycle with its large space for bags and groceries is the ideal vehicle for lovers of green mobility. As it combines the environmental advantages of an electric bicycle with the convenience of a van.

First and foremost it is clean, smart, convenient and offers a comfortable and practical alternative to fossil fuel engines. Secondly, solar panels can provide electricity to the poorest populations in rural areas. Third, it has no operating costs as it does not require maintenance. Furthermore, with the 750 W motor you can reach 40 km/h (25mph), on par with a small petrol motorbike. But you can electronically limit the speed to 25 km/h to meet European Union standards

Solar Powered Electric Tricycle Guidelines

This 3-wheel electric bike is the evolution of the old tricycle used in China in the last century. For decades it was the main work vehicle for the transport of all types of goods. And our engineers have revisited the original project and added only cutting-edge technological solutions. You can thus rediscover the beautiful design, flexibility of use and low maintenance costs of the old tricycle. In fact, the sturdy aluminum frame is made to last for years and the electric motor requires no maintenance. So with this electric tricycle you can carry your goods around the city for years without needing assistance.

The only parts you will have to change over the years are the normal parts of a cycle. Like tires and brake pads. Furthermore, with this solar powered electric tricycle you can go around all day without thinking about recharging the battery. Because the solar panels supply electricity to the motor and guarantee unlimited mileage.

Why We Developed the Solar Electric Tricycle

Unlike a bicycle, the Solar Powered Electric Tricycle has a rainproof roof and can accommodate 2 children. As well as space to store items and bags. This solar trike was born from a simple consideration. Why use the car in the city for short journeys of 20 to 30 kilometres? Indeed, it is stupid to move such a large and heavy vehicle to cover such a short distance. And cars almost always cross the city with just one person on board and a few shopping bags. Yes, it’s true that there is a bicycle for getting around the city. But if you need to carry luggage with you the bike is very limited. You can also safely close the rear cargo box when you leave your vehicle parked on the street.

Of course we don’t think we can solve the pollution problem in our cities with this tricycle. But we offer the opportunity to help improve your life and that of your fellow citizens. The lithium battery, in fact, can contain up to 1.000 Wh, offering a range of 80 Km (50 miles). And the solar panels keep the battery always charged during daytime use. This way you can use the tricycle even at night or use its battery to charge your mobile phone, PC and other electronic devices

Solar Powered Electric Tricycle Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Suspension: front suspension fork and twin rear shock absorbers with coil springs
Shifter: 8-speed Shimano drive train
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes with brake lever lockout mechanism for parking
Rims: extra wide double-walled aluminum wheels front and rear with stainless steel spokes
Tires: front and rear Maxxis 26? x 2.50 tires
Lights: LED headlights, brake lights, running lights
Loading capacity: 300 Kg – 660 lb
Loading box dimension: 1200 x 700 mm – 47×27 inch.
Weight: 120 Kg – 264 lb

Power Unit

Motor: 750 watt rear drive motor and differantial (250 W for Europe on request)
Display: LED motor system display panel
Speed: 40 Km/h – 25 mph (25 Km/h electronically limited for EU market)
Range: no limit thanks to solar power
Battery: 48 V – 20 Ah
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist (and throttle for US)
Battery charger: solar panels and 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz

Advantages of Solar Tricycle

The solar tricycle is a 100% self-sufficient electric cargo bike that requires no power outlet to operate. In fact, the solar panels installed on the roof produce electricity both when you pedal and when it is parked. You can also use the tricycle battery to charge your cell phone or run small appliances. It is a cargo vehicle designed for the urban delivery sector but is also ideal as a means of transport for rural areas. So if you are thinking of starting your own delivery business with minimal investment, this is the right vehicle. In fact, you have a good speed, a large load capacity but you don’t have the maintenance costs of a traditional van.


Electric powered tricycle
400 W Solar panels
Solar charger
GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps (optional).


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