Portable ev solar charger for light electric vehicles

Portable EV Solar Charger for Light Electric Vehicles

2.990,00 $

Portable EV Solar Charger for Light Electric Vehicles

2.990,00 $

The first portable ev solar charger on the market specially designed for light electric vehicles. Charge any type of battery, both li-ion and lead-acid batteries, from 48 to 72 volts, and add 100 Km (60 miles) of range to your vehicle.
Output Power of Solar Panels: 1000 watts


Portable EV Solar Charger is made with foldable SunPower solar panels to be very efficient and easily portable. The sun is an inexhaustible powerful source of energy. What are you waiting for taking advantage of the sun and charging your battery using electricity producede from sunlight by photovoltaic panels. Carry the solar charger always with you wherevere you go to experience the convenience of driving electric without worrying for low charged battery. Depending on the intensity of sunbean, this portable EV solar charger will add around 10 – 20 Km (6 -12 miles) of range per hour to light electric vehicles. It will power your light electric vehicle equivalent to a 800 W home charging station. By taking advantage of the energy generated by your solar charger you can charge your electric vehicle for free and not be obsessed always looking for a charging station

Portable EV Solar Charger Technical Specifications

Solar panels: SunPower cell
Output Power: 1000 W
Folded size: 860 x 530 x 160 mm
Open size: 3120 x 3440 x 30 mm
Weight: 30 Kg
Cable lengths: 8 m
Recommended for light electric vehicles up to 6000 W motor power.

Frequent use of a charger improves battery performance and extends battery life. The more the battery is charged, the less it will be damaged. Remember that the batteries are discharged even when not in use as the clock, alarm, other devices and leaks discharge the batteries. With this portable EV solar charger you can charge any type of battery, both li-ion and lead-acid batteries, from 12 volts to 72 volts. Due to the varying intensity of sunlight, the voltage of the solar panels is not stable and too high a voltage could overload the battery. That’s why we also supply a solar charge controller that prevents the energy from the solar panels from overcharging the battery. The 8 m long cables ensure that you can install the solar panels where there is strong sunlight and connect them to the vehicle which can also be parked far away under a tree in the shade. Always connect the battery to the controller making sure the +/- polarity is correct. After connecting the battery with the controller, you can connect the controller to the solar panels. The controller will allow you to set the correct voltage needed to charge your battery.

Why Charging Light Electric Vehicles with a Portable EV Solar Charger

  • It is the best portable EV solar charger for light electric vehicles.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • High efficiency SunPower photovoltaic panels with extended life.
  • Long cables with plug and play connectors.
  • Using a solar charger you will charge your electric vehicle for free.
  • This solar charger was designed for camping, but you can use it even when you are at home.
  • All of our products are certificated CE,

What is included in Solar Charger for Light Electric Vehicles

Foldable solar panels
Solar controller from 48 to 72 Volt
Practice Bag
Connectors and cables

If you are not sure if you are buying the right solar charger, you can contact our staff.

Whatever you need energy, Azure portable EV solar charger is the best for you!


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