Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle

2.490,00 $

Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle

2.490,00 $

Motor Power 750 W (250 W for Europe)
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Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle is a mobile cargo bike equipped with a powerful electric motor. Just put your goods into the cargo container, start pedaling and stop when you find a crowded location as a park, market, offices center, stadium, and make money!

Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle Guidelines

Low purchasing price and no maintenance costs. Vintage design, constructed in hi-ten steel and aluminum for light in structure and sturdy. All the parts that you will have to change during the years are the ordinary bike parts, such as tires and brake pads. The motor is brushless maintenance free. It is rated to run for years without needing a service.

Uses and Users

Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle is ideal for anyone who wants to start his own business. It is the right idea anyone looking for a new job without investments for the startup, and without the cost of maintaining a traditional shop.

Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Shifter: 7-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Rims: double wall aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 20 x 4″ fat tire
Loading capacity: 160 Kg
Weight: 130 Kg including battery

Power Unit

Motor: Bafang brushless geared hub motor
Power: 750 W (250 W for EU)
Max Speed: 20 Km/h (electronically limited)
Range: 50 km
Battery: 48 V – 17 Ah Li-ion removable battery pack
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist
Charger: Solar panels plus charger 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz

Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle Features

Vintage Design Bike Frame: The double tube vintage design frame ensures great strength and a stable riding.
Fat Tires: Our Trike is equipped with oversized 20 x 4″ tires to have great comfort and impressive traction, virtually anywhere. Fat tires were invented for use in snow and sand, but are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, or pavement.
Disc Brakes: To guarantee safe driving we installed 3 disc brakes plus a parking brake.
Wi-fi system: We can install a TV, radio and wi-fi system on your coffee bike in order to attract more clients (optional).
Working area: 1300×700 mm.

Why To Run Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle

Become your own boss with your own shop.
You can sell everything that an ordinary small shop does.
Low purchasing price and maintenance costs compared to a traditional store.
To success, just find a strategic location.

What is Included in Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle

Electric 3 wheel bicycle
Canopy top roof
Display shelf

Display & Vending Cart Electric Tricycle Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Display & Vending Cart according to your needs and create your personalized shop for sale.


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