Solar Water Pumping System for Deep Well

Solar Water Pumping System for Deep Well

2.690,00 $

Solar Water Pumping System for Deep Well

2.690,00 $

Pump water from your deep well to your home easily and free with new Solar Water Pumping System. This water pumping trailer can be towed by both a car and a bicycle.
Solar panels output power: 1000 W
Water pump power: 800 W (1 HP)

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With Solar Water Pumping System you can easily pump water from your deep well to your home. And above all, free! Since this trailer is a self-sufficient and ready-to-use water pumping system, powered by solar panels. In fact, our engineers designed this pump specifically for water supply and irrigation in remote areas. Areas where reliable electricity supply is not available and fuel is not easy to find. For these reasons we decided to exploit the free and abundant energy of the sun to directly power the water pump. Then during daylight hours you can pump and store the water in a nearby tank. The tank ensures the availability of good quality water 24 hours a day without battery, fuel and maintenance costs. So with a little capital you can get a complete solar pump system and never have to worry about running out of water again.

Advantages of a Solar Water Pumping System

The trailer with solar panels is a self-sufficient system that allows you to pump water without paying for electricity or fuel. In addition to being the cheapest system, it is also the most environmentally friendly as it does not produce CO2 emissions. Since all it takes to pump water is exposure to the sun. So once placed near a lake or deep well you will never have to worry about running out of water. You don’t even have to think about maintenance because the electric motor works for years without the need for the intervention of a mechanic. No oil or filter changes.

Solar water pumps are ideal for bringing water to remote locations. Because they are highly reliable, require minimal maintenance and run without fuel. Overall, solar water pumps offer a number of unique benefits for those looking to pump water from wells, lakes or rivers. And they constitute a more economical and ecological solution for both irrigation and livestock farming.

Solar Pump Features

Solar water pumps are revolutionizing the development of rural areas where there is a lack of electricity. Because the energy during daytime feeds directly the motor of the pump that can pump water into a tank. All parts, solar panels, controller, charger, water pump for deep well come in a 3 wheeled trailer. The solar water pump takes 30 mins to set up, and it can be moved and used in several farmers. The power of this plant is 1000 W. (The production of energy is calculated for 1.000 W / m2 solar irradiation power).

Solar Panels

The power system mounted on this trailer includes a tilting roof that follows the sun. This allows the solar panels to always work with maximum efficiency, with the output power of 10.000 W per day. The solar panels are built with new technology to ensure a lifespan of over 25 years.

Water Pump

The pump features a high-efficiency 800W (1HP) DC motor that requires no maintenance. It is also constructed of stainless steel for long-lasting durability with very low maintenance. The pump is very compact, its dimensions are 760 x 130 x 130 mm (30x5x5 inches) and it weighs only 14 kg (32 lb).


The solar water pump works with 1000W solar panels and a controller which ensures high efficiency. Furthermore, the operation of the pumping system is facilitated by the integrated water flow and tank overflow sensors. These allow you to mount the pump and automate the water storage and irrigation system. Solar controller is connected to solar panels and to water level sensors with plug & play connectors for easy installation.

Solar Water Pumping System for Irrigation

A solar water pumping system for irrigation typically consists of the following components. First of all, solar panels that capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. Secondly, a solar controller that ensures the efficient operation of the water pump. Indeed, it regulates the amount of electricity to power the motor of the pump. Third, the pump that pumps water from the deep well to the surface. Fourth, the storage tank used to store the water pumped from the well.

Usually the water tank is positioned near the fields to be irrigated at a height of 2-3 m above the ground. Fifth two water level sensors. The first water level sensor is placed in the tank and controls the turning the pump on and off. When the water tank starts to empty, the sensor switches the pump back on. When the tank is full, the pump turns off. The second sensor is placed on the pump at the bottom of the well. It turns off the pump when the water level in the well is low. These sensors ensure that the water tank is kept at the optimal level, while the well is never drained completely dry. All these operations are regulated by the solar controller which also guarantees maximum efficiency.

Types of Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps offer significant benefits and great cost savings. In fact, once the initial investment has been made, the cost of pumping the water is zero. Solar water pumps are available in 2 different types, choose the pump that best suits your applications. When choosing a solar water pump, it is important to first consider the depth of the water source. Then the amount of water you want to pump and finally the distance from the water source.

Submersible Solar Water Pumps

Submersible pumps are designed to be submerged in water and are ideal for pumping water from deep wells and boreholes. Because submersible pumps push water instead of pulling it, they are more efficient than surface pumps. And therefore they require less energy, are quieter and last longer than surface pumps. The submersible pump must be completely submerged under the surface of the water at the bottom of the well. It consists of a motor and a series of impellers enclosed in a sturdy cylindrical metal casing. The impellers push the water into the pipes that connect the pump to a water tank.

Surface Solar Water Pumps

Surface pumps are designed to be placed above ground and are ideal for pumping water from rivers and lakes. But they are also suitable for shallow wells. Solar-powered surface pumps are widely used for irrigation and livestock farming. Because although less efficient than submersible pumps, surface pumps are easier to install and maintain. Surface pumps are less efficient than submersible pumps because they must draw water from the source. That is, the impeller operates in air rather than submerged in water.

Sizing a Solar Water Pumping System for a Deep Well

The size of a solar water pumping system depends on the depth of the well and the amount of water needed. Therefore it is essential to design the system adequately sized to meet the user’s needs. The optimal pump is the one that delivers water at the pressure necessary to keep the pump operating in the optimal efficiency zone. Many people believe that the bigger the pump, the better. But this is not always true when it comes to submersible pumps. To choose the optimal pump size you need to read the pump efficiency graph. This graph shows engine horsepower, well depth, and flow rate (amount of water per minute).

Well Water Depth – Pump Flow Rate

Depth / Flow rate: 15 m – 11.700 L per day (50 ft – 3100 gallons per day)
Depth / Flow rate: 30 m – 10.600 L per day (100 ft – 2800 gallons per day)
Depth / Flow rate: 60 m – 8700 L per day (200 ft – 2300 gallons per day)
Depth / Flow rate: 100 m – 5400 L per day (330 ft – 1450 gallons per day)

The average flow rate is based on a 6 hour solar pumping day. If you have any doubts about the size of the pump or if the depth of your well is greater than 100 m (330 feet), please contact our team.

Why a Solar Water Pumping System for a Deep Well is the Best Choice

Solar water pumps have become increasingly popular in recent years as the most sustainable and economical solution for pumping water. Because these systems use solar energy to power the water pumps, eliminating the need for electricity or fuel. So already today off-grid solar pumps are the most used in remote areas where access to electricity is difficult. These solar trailers are suitable for pumping water from a lake or deep well to a storage tank. Providing a reliable water supply for livestock and irrigation. Besides being eco-friendly and economical, this solar powered trailer can also improve your harvest. By adding some sensors you can automatically adjust the water flow based on weather conditions and soil moisture. With a big one reduction of water used for irrigation. But always ensuring that the crops receive the right amount of water at the right time.


Trailer with solar panels
Solar controller
Electric water pump with pipes
Water level sensors
Solar panels cables & connectors


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