Bosch E-bike Solar Charger Fast Charger 6A

Bosch E-bike Solar Charger Fast Charger 6A

398,00 $

Bosch E-bike Solar Charger Fast Charger 6A

398,00 $

Our new Fast Solar Charger 6A is the best way to charge your Bosch e-Bike Battery for free

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Go green by charging your battery with our new Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger. The fast charger 6A is the easiest way to charge your electric bike battery from the sun. The solar panel comes with a convenient holder which also includes the solar charger and various cables. Not only do you have the connector for your Bosch battery, but you also have 2 USB ports for additional charging purposes. The USB ports will come in handy for charging your phone, tablet, or whatever else you’re charging.

The solar panel has a nominal power of 250W and you can connect it directly to the battery of your e-bike Bosch. So you can use it as a typical 36V charger. It is actually much more powerful than the typical electric bicycle chargers that come with all e-bikes. In fact, electric bike manufacturers supply a 2A charger as standard, which equates to about 100 watts. So our 250 watts solar charger will charge the battery much faster than your wall charger. For a typical 36V e-bike battery, you’ll need to wait only a couple of hours for a full charge in good sunlight. And it’s a huge convenience factor that you don’t need inverters or other accessories. This solar charger model is the 36V Bosch e-bike option, but we also make 24, 48, 52, 60, 72 volt versions.

Bosch e-Bike Solar Charger Technical Specifications

Strong galvanised steel frame
250 watts solar panel
Solar controller and battery charger all-in-one
2 x 5V USB sockets (cell phone charging)
Clips and clamps included
Compatible with any e-bike battery from 24 to 72V
Maintenance free and prolongs battery life

Why Charge Your Electric Bikes with the Bosch Fast Charger 6A

You can charge the battery of your e-bike when you are parked for free
It can charge your phone, tablet and other electronic devices
Save a lot of money by cutting your electricity bills
Sunlight is 100% renewable energy
Weatherproof, rustproof and maintenance-free
Advanced technology and stable function
High efficiency and high stability
Long service life
Easy assembly


Solar panels
Solar controller, bike charger, USB sockets


The Bosch E-bike Solar Fast Charger 6A is a mini power station born to charge your electric bike Bosch. But this innovative solar charger not only can charge the Bosch batteries, but it will charge any 24, 48, 52, 60, 72 volts battery. You will cut your utility bills by generating your own energy for free. It can be installed 100% off grid, or coupled with your local electricity grid. So the excess energy will be sold back to the public utility to save your bill.


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