Wheelys Cafe Coffee Cart for Sale

Wheelys Cafe Coffee Cart for Sale

Join the Wheelys Cafe Coffee Cart community and start serving great coffees along with tasty food with your unique mobile coffee cart. It is the smallest café in the world but the largest coffee franchise network. And with the lowest starting rates!

Wheelys Cafe has changed the way people drink coffee and redefined what a coffee shop can be. In short, a coffee machine on wheels. Customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability is the mission of Wheelys Cafe. The mobile cafe operates with zero carbon emissions and the coffee that is used is 100% organic. This business model immediately registered a worldwide success, with over 400 mobile coffee shops opened in a few months. Part of the success of this franchise was achieved thanks to the opportunity left to each entrepreneur to sell other products besides coffee. Indeed Wheelys Cafe is an open source brand and is aware that each market has different needs with different consumers.

Be Part of a Global Mobile Coffee Cart Network

The mobile coffee cart is a great opportunity for many young people who want to start their own business and become entrepreneurs. If you love working outdoors, if you love being independent, if you love coffee, then Wheelys Cafe is the activity for you! With Wheelys you can open your own business but you will always be part of a global network. Think that Wheelys mobile coffee carts operate in over 48 countries. You can spend the morning at the train station, the afternoon in the city park and the evening at the ballgame. At the end of the evening you can count on a profit of a few hundred dollars.

Why Wheelys Cafe Coffee Cart?

Wheelys Cafe has many advantages: First of all, it offers the freedom to decide when and where to work.
Coffee Carts are fun: You work outdoors, choose your location and exchange smiles with passers-by and customers. And for this they pay you too.
Coffee Carts are profitable: The profit margin on coffee is very high and difficult to achieve with another business. A mug that costs you 30 cents you can retail for $ 2. Also consider that you do not pay rent, water bills, electricity bills and all the costs of a traditional venue. All profit remains with you!
Coffee Carts are self-contained mobile shops: All mobile carts are equipped with 2 or 3 burners, fridge, running water, solar panels and an electric motor to help you climb hills. There is no need for a power outlet or gasoline.
Coffee Carts are eco-friendly: Most people care about the environment. Wheelys Cafe Coffee Cart for Sale was built from the start to be greener than the competition. All of Wheelys mobile shops are pedal assisted electric bikes and the coffee comes from organic farming.

The Best Cafe Franchise Opportunities

If you are looking to start your own business, a coffee shop franchise can be very attractive. In recent years more and more people have approached coffee and cannot start the day without a strong dose of caffeine. Just to give some information, in 2021 alone the coffee industry in the United States generated revenues of over 80 million dollars. And this increased demand for coffee has led to the spread of many coffee franchises. Which one to choose to start your business? Which franchise fits your city, lifestyle and financial resources best?
To evaluate the best Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities, start by comparing the initial investment required. So pay attention to the obligations imposed on the purchase of products to sell in your coffee shop and the monthly royalty fees. Another important factor is the selection of the coffee and the quality of the other products offered. Last but not least the ecological footprint associated with the brand.

Start Now Your Coffee Cart Business with Wheelys Cafe

You are probably thinking of Starbucks when you are considering opening a coffee shop franchise. But the company owns all Starbucks locations in the United States. Starbucks wants to maintain its corporate culture and avoid the franchise network. But there are still many other brands in the world of coffee shop franchise. The initial investment required by franchises usually ranges from $ 60.000 to $ 400.000.

If you are looking for an innovative coffee shop franchise, the coffee franchise on wheels is worth considering. Ideal for serving coffee at corporate meetings, weddings and special events, as well as for street sales. The starting fee is under $ 4.000 and includes the fully equipped bike to serve coffee to your customers. For information Contact Us. The franchise support system will help you both in the initial assessment and in choosing the best vehicle for your needs. And also in the training and education of your staff. This support can be particularly useful for franchisees entering the food industry for the first time and who need more assistance.