Water Electric Bike Inflatable Electric Powered Boat

4.690,00 $

Water Electric Bike Inflatable Electric Powered Boat

4.690,00 $

The Water Electric Bike is an electric bike to ride on water based on an inflatable boat, electric motor and solar panels, easy to convert between cruiser and bike mode.

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The Water Electric Bike is a real electric bike mounted on an inflatable boat to ride on water. A real portable solar powered electric boat made with 2 inflatable floats, electric motor, solar panels. The use of quick release clamps allows you to quickly and easily disassemble the water electric bike and store all the parts in your car. The water electric bike is made by the 6061 aluminum alloy frame and aluminum alloy propeller. The transmission belt system is both waterproofing and rustproofing.

Water Electric Bike Uses and Users

The electric water bike is great for beach rentals, tourist attractions, outdoor lovers. Suitable for lakes, rivers, sea harbours and coastline.

Water Electric Bike Features

Boat material: PVC
Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy
Propeller: aluminum alloy designed to reach a speed of 15 km/h
Motor power: 500 W
Solar panel: Sunpower flexible solar panels
Size: 3000 x 1250 x 2000 mm
Loading capacity: 120 Kg
Weight: 38 Kg
Quick-release and easy-fold: It’s convenient to carry after being folded and placed in the bag

What is Included in Water Electric Bike

Bike frame
Transmission belt system
Electric motor
Solar panels
Solar controller
2 inflatable floats
Safe and easy to assemble/disassemble clamps
Repair kit
Air pump
Carry bag


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