Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Electric Street Food Truck

12.600,00 $

Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Electric Street Food Truck

12.600,00 $

Pizza Truck is an electric Tuk Tuk food truck with a Made in Italy wood fired pizza oven (gas oven at client choice).

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Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck is an electric tuk tuk for the street food industry equipped with a pizza oven. A real pizza restaurant just on wheels to serve delicious pizzas in any location.

Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Guidelines

Retro design, steel and aluminum frame for light in structure and sturdy. Electric motor power train maintenance free. It is rated to run for years without needing a service. Low price and low maintenance costs. The tuk tuk pizza truck is designed paying special attention to ergonomics in order to help you to be successful in the street food industry.

Uses and Users

Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck is perfect for anyone who likes to start his own pizzeria without great investments for the startup, and without the cost of maintaining a classic restaurant. In addition to use on street food industry, The Tuk Tuk is also good for mobile bar services for casual parties or executive exhibitions, turning any location into a truly unforgettable and unique venue.

Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Loading capacity: 500 Kg
Dimension: 3800 x 1600 x 2300 mm (LWH)
Certification: CE/COC

Power Unit

Motor: Brushless
Power: 2000 W
Max Speed: 40 Km/h (electronically limited)
Range: 100 Km (extended if equipped with solar panels)
Battery: Li-ion battery pack
Charger: 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz (solar panels optional)

The oven can be wood or gas depending on your local laws. The compact pizza oven ensures maximum production capacity at your mobile restaurant. The high technology allows the oven to reach 450° C in just 30 minutes to cook 2 delicious pizzas per minute. Our pizza oven is beautiful, simple and versatile.

Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Features

Vintage Design: The classic petrol engine tricycle for street food industry redesigned with an electric motor.
Solar Panels: SunPower flexible solar panels on top roof on request.
Stainless Steel Finishing: The main material is stainless steel, no rust and no corrosion, heat resistance and high strength, long service life.
Water System: Heavy-duty water system plumbing with automatic water pump, stainless steel sink with hot water, 12 V auto-water pump on/off control switch.
Electricity System: Appliances and protector, fuse fill-in boxes / cable, lighting, socket, connecting box and external cables.
Wi-fi system: We can install a TV, radio and wi-fi system on your Apetta in order to attract more clients (optional).

Why To Run Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Business

Today street food trucks are very popular. Become your own boss with your own pizza restaurant. Low purchasing price and maintenance costs compared to a traditional restaurant. To success, just find a strategic location and make money!

What is Included in Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck

Electric tricycle truck
Water sink
Pizza owen, refrigerator
Battery set

Tuk Tuk Pizza Truck Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Pizza Truck according to your needs and create your personalized street food truck for sale.


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