Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office Setup

Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office Setup

1.690,00 $

Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office Setup

1.690,00 $

Set up your office wherever you want with our Smart Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office. It is designed with the highest solar energy production, providing superior off-grid range.
Solar Panels: 400 W

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Be smart! With the brand new Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office you can set up your office wherever you want. Since this outdoor solar workstation has been specially designed to liven up your office by taking it to the garden. But it’s also perfect for your terrace, patio, deck, or any type of outdoor space you have. In fact, highly efficient solar panels provide enough clean energy to power LED lighting, Wi-Fi, mobile and portable devices. So what are you waiting for to order the workstation of the future? With this solar power station, you can build your own workspace easily and save money on your electricity bill. Yes, you read that right, you will save a lot because it is powered by solar energy. It is also self-sufficient, transportable and without the need for foundations.

Set Up Your Outdoor Solar Workstation and Boost Your Productivity

In recent times, many workers have had to change many habits, even rethinking their way of working. And one of the most shocking changes is the disappearance of the office. In fact, many companies have pushed many employees to work from home. So the office has become mobile and everyone organizes themselves as they see fit. Among the many possibilities, the solution that is proving to be the most successful is to place your workstation in the garden. In fact the outdoor office allows you to enjoy your free time while you are focused on your work. And it also gives you other benefits.
The Smart Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office is a versatile space that comes ready to be used immediately. These units are equipped with solar panels, solar charger, inverter, electrical cables, power outlets and LED lights. Furthermore, you can move them around as you like as the structure is very light and self-supporting.

Solar Workstation for Outdoor Office Technical Specifications

Body Materials: Steel and aluminum
Size (LWH): 2000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 78.7 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: The station is provided with integrated 110V – 220V AC outlets
Solar Panels Power: 400 W (Optional 1000 W)
Solar Controller: Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Waterproof Protection: IP44 rated unit
Certification: CE, RHOS

Why Set Up Your Own Smart Outdoor Solar Workstation

  • Powerful: The size of the solar panels can be increased according to your needs. So if your standard outdoor solar workstation mounts 400W solar panels, it can be 1000W upon request. We also supply a standard solar charger to charge the backup battery. This battery powers your loads at night or in cloudy weather.
  • Excellent Energy Saving: All the equipment in your office can use the energy produced by the solar panels, reducing your bills.
  • Eco-friendly: This outdoor mobile office helps limit carbon emissions.
  • Quick Set Up: Self-supporting structure suitable for setting up your mobile office in the garden, patio, park, etc. Moreover, the solar station is completely self-sufficient and does not require connection to the electricity grid.
  • Simple Installation: Just connect your PC and other devices to the sockets of the solar workstation.

What is Included in Outdoor Workstation

Steel and aluminum structure
Solar panels
Solar charger and inverter
Cable for solar panels
Led lighting
Table (Optional)
4 seats (Optional)
Backup battery (Optional)
WI-FI station (Optional)

What is Smart Solar Workstation

Many companies around the world have already discovered that remote working can be a competitive advantage over their competitors. So to facilitate and improve the living conditions of all these workers, our engineers have developed this outdoor workstation. In fact we want to make it easy for you to have the latest technology and be able to work from anywhere. As we all know, electricity and a good internet connection are the key elements of this remote working model. Therefore, we offer you a solar power station that can power all your devices and coupled with a Wi-Fi station, and a table with seats. So you can sit in the garden and manage all your documents as if you were in your office. And given its success, we think the smart outdoor office is becoming a fun new way to work.


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