Solar wind hybrid system for home

Solar Wind Hybrid System for Home

8.900,00 $

Solar Wind Hybrid System for Home

8.900,00 $

The solar wind hybrid system is an innovative off-grid electricity generation system made with solar panels and wind turbine ideal for your home.
Solar Panels Power: 5.000 watt
Wind Turbine Power: 3.000 watt

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Solar Wind Hybrid System is the most advanced off-grid electricity generation system for your home by putting together solar panels and wind turbine, also ideal for the electrification of rural villages, urban lighting systems, operate the water pump for irrigation. The system has been designed to deliver 3000 watts of power 24 hours a day. For this we have oversized the solar panels to 5000 watts, the power needed to run the appliances in your home and to recharge the battery for the hours of the night. In windy weather, the 3000 watt wind turbine will provide electricity at night and on rainy days, avoiding draining the battery. This hybrid system is much more powerful than a 10000 watt solar panel kit which may fail to generate electricity in rainy weather or not have enough energy stored in the battery for the night in the event of cloudy days.

Solar System for Home with Battery Back-up

The off-grid photovoltaic solar power system is designed for rural areas where the public electricity grid is lacking. The excess energy generated during the day is used to recharge the battery which will provide electricity during the night. This battery backup system is the right choice if your national grid is unreliable or not present. Solar system includes the following parts:

  • 16 pcs. of solar panels with an output power of 330 W for a total of 5 Kw.
  • Solar controller to regulate battery charge.
  • 8 x 12V – 200Ah lead acid battery to generate 3000 watts for 5-6 hours.
  • Hybrid solar inverter with output of 110 – 220 V a.c.

Wind Turbine System for Home

The wind system is a mini power generation kit, great for home and industrial use. Can be installed in minutes, without any authorization from local or national authorities. It is activated with very low winds: less than 2 m/sec.

  • Double hybrid rotor, the horizontal Savonius profile lowers the starting threshold and increases efficiency at low revs, while the vertical Darrieus profile captures a large volume of air and increases performance at high revs. The result is a better output curve.
  • 360 degree wind capture: Unlike common horizontal wind generators, which must be oriented in the direction of the wind, vertical axis generators capture wind from all directions.
  • Unlimited lifetime: since there are no moving mechanical parts (only the rotation of the motor that produces energy) the duration is almost unlimited.
  • Silent: unlike common horizontal wind generators that have to work at 600 RPM, this model working at only 60 RPM, produces no noise.
  • Self-braking: all vertical axis rotors, precisely by virtue of their intrinsic aerodynamic nature, are self-braking. When they reach their working rotation, the wind blade, oriented against the wind, acts as a brake, stabilizing the rotation speed and efficiency.
  • Plug & play: the power system can be installed in minutes without the need for authorization from local or national authorities.

What is included in Off-Grid Solar Wind Hybrid System for Home

1: Wind turbine 3000 watt
2: Wind turbine controller with plc
3: Inverter for solar photovoltaic panels
4: Inverter for wind turbine
5: Storage inverter for pv connection and battery charge management and grid parallel
6: Lead acid gel 12 V – 200 Ah battery pack
7: Photovoltaic panels
8: Inverter
9: Optional generator set
10: Monitoring system

We strongly believe that the main source of energy is the sun. Our engineers have worked hard to reduce the costs of building and installing a solar system by increasing the efficiency
and optimizing assembly operations. The solar system consists of 14 photovoltaic modules connected in series, arrays. The system is modular with high flexibility in terms of power and ease of transport. It can be coupled to the local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off-grid using the battery power system.


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